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lunes, marzo 31, 2008

city opera is the new mgmt.

I had a rather cultural weekend. My eyes and ears were exposed to both Tyler Perry's Meet The Browns and New York City Opera's production of Giacomo Puccini's Madama Butterfly. And while Angela Bassett didn't kick her triflin' baby father in the balls, I did get to witness Cio-Cio San laying the beat-down on her maid Suzuki and Goro the matchmaker...shortly before she committed ritual suicide. And to think that some people call the opera boring!

Once you get through the background and lame dudes singing in Act I, Butterfly makes it rain flowers! And as Kanye West said that "A little rain never hurt no strippers", I say that a little rain never hurt no Cio-Cio. In fact, as the swirling petals mingled with the music, I wanted to believe just as much as Cio-Cio that Pinkerton was coming home. I felt myself on stage frolicking about in my three-year old bridal garments and dressing my son Sorrow in an American-flag robe that The New York Times would call silly. I felt it all. The hope. The desperation. The waiting...

And then the morning after. Not only did my triflin' baby father leave me for three years to go nuzzle up with some white chick, but now they want to go all Rumplestiltskin and steal my baby! I can't go for their guilt-free exotification and enjoyment of my mixed-race child. Sure. You can take away my baby, but I'm going to take away my life. This Butterfly ain't gonna fly no more!

Now that's what I call catharsis-- the type of catharsis that Angela Bassett just can't deliver. There may be a possibility that you too can indulge in the Cio-Cio experience...but I've been told that Candide presents your best chances of pretending to be cultured and classy like me. Upcoming performances:

  • Madama Butterfly, Giacomo Puccini: Running until April 6th (details)
  • Falstaff, Giuseppe Verdi: Running until April 5th (details)
  • Tosca, Giacomo Puccini: Running until April 5th (details)
  • Candide, Leonard Bernstein: April 8-April 20 (details)
But City Opera aren't the only folks throwing a party! Now that I can let go of my college memories and let MGMT get popular, I feel a need to notify you faithful readers (all two of you?) that they'll be performing in NYC on April 8th at the closing night party of the Gen Art Film Festival. Check the deets, check two rare older tracks recorded before I was legal below, and then check them performing LIVE on April 8th.
dl: MGMT - Just Becuz (YSI)
dl: MGMT - Kids (Afterschool Extended Dance Megamix) (YSI)
BLOGGER NOTE: Though I missed my opportunity to catch the "deeply moving" performance of Shu-Ying Li as Cio-Cio, I did get to send my friend this ultra-creepy video directly from the New York State Theater.

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viernes, marzo 28, 2008

really doe f/ kanye west: plastic.

dl: REALLY DOE f/ KANYE WEST - Plastic (YSI)
Sure. Common and John Legend may both be on Kanye West's GOOD music label, but who else actually matters on it? I guess Consequence is there, but it's going to take a killer guest-verse by Andre 3000 and impeccable production for Fonzworth Bentley to start making waves.

Well, Spine Magazine brings us the latest attempt by Kanye and his people, Really Doe, who previously appeared on Mr. West's "We Major" (along with
Nas) and Consequence's "Disperse". Doe may be a better rapper than Timbaland's similarly-named D.O.E., but he lacks personality. Kanye easily outshines him on his own track, to the point that the most memorable thing after listening to it are his eye-rolling lines like "All my n----s is big tippers. Why? A little rain never hurt no strippers." Well, I guess there's also that chorus that would really piss off the ARC...can't forget about that.

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bedtime for toys: bobby brown cover.

dl: BEDTIME FOR TOYS - Don't Be Cruel (Bobby Brown cover) (YSI) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
I wasn't even three years-old when Bobby Brown released "Don't Be Cruel". It may have had nowhere near the cultural impact of "My Prerogative" and "Every Little Step", but the title track of Don't Be Cruel was the former New Edition member's first top-ten hit as a solo artist. It makes me wish my entire life could be lived in a New Jack Swing music video. Remember when Bobby Brown wasn't a joke? I don't. But I wish I did.

Well, it seems as if
ITMS!! clubhouse residents Bedtime For Toys have no trouble remembering those times, considering that they've recently posted a cover of Brown's "Don't Be Cruel" on their space. My initial commentary was that it lacks the sincerity of the original, but the Toys make the song their own in a very different way. Together, Marchelle's vocals and the mid-tempo electro grind of the track establish this weirdly dominant stance. The lyrics become less of a plea and more of an order, as Marchelle reprimands the so-called "girl" for acting up. An uncomfortable amount of attitude. Gender-bending. Bobby Brown. Now that's what I call Punk 'n' B.
BONER TRACK: BEDTIME FOR TOYS - Say BOOM (YSI) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

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miércoles, marzo 26, 2008

riskay: my candy (hood remix)

dl: RISKAY - My Candy (Hood remix) (YSI)
On my brief Easter vacation, I happened to "flip the switch" to New York's Power 105.1. I was greeted by a delightful Big Poppa tune, but things started to get weird as The Notorious B.I.G. started to fade into blended into Riskay's "Smell Yo Dick". I got worried. What would they censor? What wouldn't they censor? And so the chorus came in-- "Why you coming home, five in the morn? Something's going on, I can smell that chick." Really? This song just went from rated X to PG-13. Can you say LAME? When it was about jealously sniffing your lover's penis, it meant so much more. You know?

But this post isn't dedicated to such a tragedy of censorship. In fact, hearing Riskay on the radio reminded me of my favorite track by her, "My Candy (Hood Remix)". This is not to be confused with the original "My Candy", which apparently lacks "hood" appeal and definitely lacks a hoopty-worthy bassline.*

Now seems like an appropriate time to call attention to "My Candy" as Lil Wayne's (seriously bad) single "Lollipop" makes its climb up the charts. Weezy may be the so-called "greatest rapper alive", but can lines like "Shawty say i look like a lollipop" compete with "My Kit-Kat needs a Hershey Kiss"? Not to mention that Riskay doesn't make any entirely unnecessary references to Hilary Clinton. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'. Riskay doesn't need a fucking vocoder to convey her candy-related sexual metaphors. And I think I've said enough...

BONER (killing) TRACK: RISKAY - Smell That Chick (YSI )

* In other words, these songs are basically the same.

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jueves, marzo 20, 2008

bjork loves dj pumpkin patch: grooveberry jam.

dl: DJ PUMPKIN PATCH - Grooveberry Jam (YSI)
In the realm of "Wha?" that enters my inbox, this is the most surprising. Remember those DGENETICS remixes a few posts back? Well a member of the DGENETICS MUSICS crew is totally getting love from my favorite Icelandic superstar. Behold...
"Last Thursday, DJ Pumpkin Patch dj'd the premier for Bjork's new video for 'Wanderlust.' Bjork was dancing right up in front of his DJ booth the whole time. She especially loved his original track 'Grooveberry Jam.'"
Motherfucking BJORK. Can you talk about big deal? I am trying to imagine what this looked like. My guess is something like this, and by guess I mean that's actually an image of Bjork standing next to Mr. Pumpkin Patch himself. However, this may be more accurate...because DJ Pumpkin Patch is blowing up? It's open for interpretation.


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lunchbox: mtv's next, jdate style.

Now usually I don't do this, but uh...this spoof of MTV's Next was just too spot on, including ridiculous dialogue, a nice take on Next's camerawork, and a very embarrassingly accurate "MTV-ish" soundtrack. The twist? It's JDate style. Brought to you by Wesleyan University's sketch comedy group Lunchbox.

This video features...
  • Timbaland f/ Keri Hilson - Way I Are
  • Fergie f/ Ludacris - Glamorous
  • Justin Timberlake f/ T.I. - My Love
  • Beyonce - Naughty Girl
  • JoJo - Too Little Too Late
  • OneRepublic - Apologize
  • Rihanna - Shut Up And Drive
In honor of this video, I present to you my favorite Fergie remixes (and thereby promise you another post today).

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miércoles, marzo 19, 2008

per se: adelaide.

Oddly enough, the very artist featured one post below this recommended Per Se. In a gchat conversation he stated, "People seem to have trouble writing good songs lately, which is different from catchy...Let's bring good back." And so here is my effort to do just that-- bring good back.

This goodness comes in the form of scrumptious folky indie with a female vocalist (and occasionally an accordion). My immediate instinct was to compare Per Se vocalist Anne Adams to Basia Bulat, so I guess that means she's also similar to Feist. But unlike both of these artists, she isn't Canadian. And she wears a pair of wings when performing. And she doesn't have an album out. Yet.

But lack of an album won't stop you from enjoying this, eh? If you're in the Portland area, take a trip to one of the shows listed on Per Se's
space. It's sure to be an experience, to the degree that one showgoer gushes that, "Per Se happens and something magical enchant the will cry even if you do not feel like it...maybe you will notice you have entered a gingerbread house and it is snowing sparkly snowflake ornaments and oranges are peeled like puzzle pieces..."

Those of us not fortunate enough to experience visions of puzzle-piece orange peels can still have the opportunity of enjoying Per Se from the comfort of our homes. Five songs are available for download on the official
site, and it shouldn't be too long until we hear a full-length!

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pdl: featured on listen up podcast.

I can't deny that my blog has blatant ties to the Vanita Phone Company*, so I should probably mention that PdL was featured yesterday on the Listen Up! podcast.

You may have previously heard his song "Happiness" thanks to FLUXBLOG. Or caught word of his "playdate" Matt & Lil Kim album on BIGSTEREO or the Matt & Kim website. Maybe you heard his Cassie-OH remix of Cassie's "Me & U" on Discobelle or Palms Out Sounds. Or perhaps you were one of those people who were like "WTF is this?" in the comment section of MAKE blog's post on Gertrude, his LED drawing machine. And if you read this blog, you'll notice that his face is totally in a flyer two posts down (so sue me if I like to promote my friends!)

If none of this rings a bell, then now is the time to get familiar. His debut solo album Stop Means Go will be available digitally very soon, so I will spare you from anymore details...because you will probably be hearing about him again on this blog. Uh, very soon.


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martes, marzo 18, 2008

city opera is the new crystal castles.

I had the pleasure of attending the final New York City Opera performance of King Arthur, directed and choreographed by Mark Morris. If you're familiar with Mr. Morris (I'm totally uncultured and wasn't at all until Saturday), you could gather that this wasn't a "traditional" performance. John Dryden's libretto was entirely omitted, leaving nothing but the Henry Purcell score. As a result, the typically four hour-long production lasted less than half the amount of time.

If you expected a plot, you were out of luck. There were no actual "characters", no actual story. It can easily be explained by this quote from Morris himself-- "The setting is the stage. The time is now. The performers are themselves." And by easily, I mean that I probably need to do more explaining. Morris organized King Arthur as a pageant, a trail of tiny numbers that would be quite disorienting if you weren't familiar with the original story. There was a sense of something missing at times, but the sense didn't get any stronger than when you realized that one seemingly important element was completely absent-- the title character. King Arthur himself was represented by a large prop crown.

Not weird enough for you? Well maybe you'd get a kick out of the simulated sex on stage, which provoked one audience member to yelp out a hearty "BOO". Or maybe you'd prefer the random presence of a giraffe, duck, cheetah, and flamingo? When asked about their presence, Morris replied, "They're there for no reason whatsoever". I admittedly love this quote, but leaned towards liking the idea of the production a lot more than the actual experience of watching it. I enjoyed it... but had I entered the theater knowing what to expect, I think I would have been able to separate myself from my expectations attached to the idea of "opera".

The upcoming productions by City Opera shouldn't bring up such issues as this. If you'd like to pretend to be cultured and classy like me, I strongly recommend visiting their site for more details and to purchase tickets! Upcoming productions include:

  • Madama Butterfly, Giacomo Puccini: March 6-April 6 (details)
  • Falstaff, Giuseppe Verdi: March 19-April 6 (details)
  • Tosca, Giacomo Puccini: March 22-April 5 (details)
  • Candide, Leonard Bernstein: April 8-April 20 (details)
And for no other reason than the fact that they were included in the title of this post, I present a remix of Crystal Castles by LingLing, featuring vocals by ITMS!! fave gidgetsparks. It's a repeat, but a goodie.
dl: CRYSTAL CASTLES f/ GIDGETSPARKS - Air War (LingLing remix) (YSI)
BLOGGER NOTE: The above doodle is a stylization of a photograph of Mhairi Lawson appearing on the playbill for this production of King Arthur.

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hell yup: good friday fun.

Remember. Jesus didn't die for your sins so you couldn't dance. So get ready for good times this Good Friday at Boulevard Tavern (579 Meeker Ave, map it)! With $5 all you can eat burgers, franks, and tots, you'll recall that the Lord may have left you...but he hasn't left you hungry! If you can't make it, here's a little sample of what you'll be missing out on...
-- DMX Krew - Honey
-- Vashti Bunyan - Come Wind Come Rain

-- Goblin (feat. Missy) - Tenebre (Hell Yup Pass That Shadow Remix)
-- Justice (Feat. M.I.A.) - Phantom (Hell Yup Bucky Done Died Remix)
-- Dan Deacon - Big Big Big Big Big

-- (Robert Ashley -> John Cage -> Robert Ashley) + Live-coded Beats

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lunes, marzo 17, 2008

gotdion: drama.

As odd as it seems, it's been nearly a year since the internet was ablaze about a certain video of a certain Canadian singer-songwriter reinterpreting a certain hit by The Black Eyed Peas. And as odd as it seems, it's been months since you've seen anything from GotdioN on this blog. He's been featured here so often that it's almost beyond odd.

Even odder is GotdioN's reinterpretation of Alanis Morissette's reinterpretation of "My Humps". GotdioN brought together the "You don't want no drama" vocals (from this very youtube video) with his trademark apocolyptic sound and three different rap verses. The results first appeared on his WTFD Volume 2 mixtape featuring Dizzee Rascal, Lupe Fiasco, and Andre 3000, while the revamped version appears on his new mixtape FTW Volume 2 with Ludacris in place of Andre 3000. Even if you can't get behind the sound of the song, you have to appreciate the concept. What if Alanis made a total Nelly Furtado hip-hoppy crossover?

The latest mixtape also features a diverse roster of remixes including JVonn, Yutaka Furukawa, AZ, Britney Spears, Tigarah, Keri Hilson, IllDotLogic, Garlic Bread, Beyonce, A Perfect Circle, Shenanigans, Ashlee Simpson, Chism, TandemPanda, Lupe Fiasco f/ Matthew Santos, and Jay-Z.


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miércoles, marzo 12, 2008

inflowential: caged bird.

dl: INFLOWENTIAL - Caged Bird (YSI)
Raleigh, NC may not be the first place you think of when it comes to blossoming underground hip-hop acts, eh? In fact, when I first heard "NC Shit" (a North Carolina variation of Busta Rhymes' "New York Shit") it was just as odd as falling upon a "CT Shit" shoutout to Bridgeport while listening to Hartford's Power 104.1. I don't know why a Raleigh anthem threw me for a loop. I mean, it's not as if I hadn't heard of Inflowential and the Kooley High crew. My friend Crystal tried to put me up on them ages ago, but I wasn't really hearing them until she forwarded me an invitation to their show at the John Street Bar & Grill. The e-mail's subject heading was not a suggestion, but a demand-- "We're going to this." And go I went.

Upon stepping into the performance space, I got worried. A crew of three guys stood on stage "rapping" over Daft Punk. Now I love me some Daft Punk, but if you ain't gonna have any flow over it...don't flow over it. Just because Kanye and Busta did it*, doesn't mean that you can. Also, can someone please explain this Daft Punk sampling trend? Even Janet Jackson
and her people jumped on the bandwagon by sampling Homework's "Daftendirekt" on her new album Discipline. This is going too far. Are Daft Punk hip-hop's new James Brown?

Rant aside, I needed some Jack Daniels in my system after that experience. And then Inflow took the stage, and all that tension disintegrated. Charlie Smarts and Tab-One on the mic, Bender on bass, Kyle Phelps on guitar, DJ IllDigitz on (er) DJ stuff, and A-did on vocal percussion. Yes, vocal percussion. I'm talking real beatboxing, not some Blake-Lewis-college-a-cappella-group shit. Think Rahzel, and you'll probably get an idea why so much of the Inflow press is littered with comparisons to The Roots.

Their live show is not one to miss, as you can't get a glimpse of how impressive the group is by solely listening to the recordings. Their command on an audience was particularly impressive on "We Get Down". Having never seen the group before, I found myself joining in with the veteran fans as they bent their knees and got "down". While the mood may have gotten stale during a string of slower songs, Inflow was ready to bring the crowd back up with an energetic jam.

Speaking of energetic jams, I have unconditional love for a currently unrecorded tune that could be referred to as "One-conditional". The song plays on gender roles, as the two male MCs complain about a girl (or girls) who only wants them for their bodies. It maintains a level of hip-hop machismo by presenting a "damn, I'm so hot and chicks want me" attitude but spices it up with sensitivity and vulnerability. It makes them infinitely more likable, and makes it clear that they're not just spitting lies on the Evolutionary Process EP's "Love Is".

This EP is the first release from the group, available for free download on their site. And whether the EP's "Caged Bird" is a nod to Maya Angelou or a song inspired by a trip to the Raleigh-Durham Caged Bird Society, it holds a place as one of the standout tracks. Accompanied by Blu Thompson on saxophone and a soothing bass line, Charlie Smarts and Tab-One deliver a message of hope that wouldn't serve as a bad choice for Barack Obama's campaign.

Experience the hope, love, and nodding heads live this Friday March 14th at Blaggard's Pub & Restaurant (8 W. 38th Street, NYC).


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viernes, marzo 07, 2008

itms playlist: doing the robot (literally).

Robots enjoy a nice cigarette followed by a nap after banging.
"Doing The Robot (Literally)"* is an intensely un-PC title for this post, as any mechanical individual will tell you that "robot" is a disgusting term assigned to them by the humanoid variety. It should be noted that when you don't have the breath to spurt out the syllables of "mechanical individual", it is perfectly acceptable to use the less offensive term "bot". But never say "robot". This can result in a serious backlash from the mechanical community, to the point that even your microwave could turn on you.

Now that I've gotten out of the way, let's move on to the juicy part. This playlist will guide you through the process of making love like a machine with

DANGEROUS MUSE - The Rejection (E-MARCE remix) (YSI): It is important to know that 95% of mechanical individuals get off on being told what to do. The most common method of bedding one is to make it dance by programming the following sequence-- "Arms up. Just dance. Arms out. Just dance." Bots immediately recognize this as a sign of potential mating, and will quickly react to your established dominance. (BUY IT - SITE IT - SPACE IT - SPACE IT - HYPE IT - WIK IT)

THE FIRE AND REASON - NME (Toxic Avenger remix) (YSI):
At this point, your mechanical mate will want to move to the next step, talking. Before you charm the circuits out of the lil devil, you need to tell it to shut the fuck up. Bots will realize your intentions if talking begins too soon, so you must grease up its joints with more dancing. (BUY IT - SITE IT - SPACE IT - SPACE IT - HYPE IT)

BOY CRISIS - Dressed To Digress (remix 3007) (YSI):
Now that you've shown your bot how to get its groove back, you can begin the talking. Warning: When addressing a mechanical individual, it is improper to call it "mechanical individual", "bot", and ESPECIALLY not "robot". The bot must believe that it is "like people". Your best bet lies in pick-up lines such as, "You can do me up like Woodrow Wilson, carry my children, exit the building, let me love you like you're the shit." (BUY IT - SITE IT - SPACE IT - HYPE IT)

LEIF - Little Bit (Lykke Li cover) (YSI):
Mechanical individuals don't just go home with anyone! They are classy piles of metal. As soon as you've broken the ice, be sure to tell your bot that you're a little bit in love with it. Avoid saying that you are "in love" or "very in love", as a majority of bots are scared of commitment. It also doesn't hurt to tell it that it's pretty. And shiny. (SPACE IT - SPACE IT - HYPE IT - HYPE IT)

CFCF - How Bizarre (OMC cover) (YSI)**:
Upon hearing your proclamation of (kind of) love, weird feelings will begin to stir within your bot's contraptions. This is both a confusing and exciting moment in the life of a mechanical individual. (SPACE IT - HYPE IT)

DIAGONAL BUILDINGS - Sleep In The Watertower (YSI)***:
This is the sound that mechanical individuals make when they dry hump. You should study it closely, as you do not want to appear alarmed when such noises enter your ears. Bots are easily turned off when they sense your uncertainty. Act natural, and this should not be an issue. (SPACE IT)

JANET JACKSON - Feedback (Milkman remix) (YSI)****:
Begin to stroke your robot slowly, as if you are playing a slow jam on an acoustic guitar. The sensation of your warm hands on the bot's cold body should lead you into the next step. (BUY IT - SITE IT - SPACE IT - HYPE IT - WIK IT)

MOCHIPET f/ THE HUSTLE HEADS - Get Your Whistle Wet (YSI):
Regardless of the assigned gender of your mechanical individual, it will always have a whistle that appears when it is aroused. Amateur bot lovers disregard this whistle as a tool of lovemaking, but the educated know that it is important to blow into the whistle before getting it on with your bot. This process is known as "getting the whistle wet". (BUY IT - SITE IT - SPACE IT - HYPE IT)

CSS - Music Is My Hot Hot Sex (The Slips remix) (YSI)*****:
This is the song that you should listen to while sexing your bot, mostly because it has the word "sex" in it. (BUY IT - SITE IT - SPACE IT - SPACE IT - HYPE IT - WIK IT)

SXEZSKOZ - SKELMONSTA (YSI): You should also know that this is the sound that bots make when they achieve their version of an "orgasm". Do not under any circumstances laugh at this sound. It will totally kill the mood. (SITE IT - SPACE IT)

PASSION PIT - Sleepyhead (YSI):
Mechanical individuals will immediately fall asleep after intercourse. It's just how they're wired! (SITE IT - SPACE IT - HYPE IT)

ROBOTS IN DISGUISE - The Sex Has Made Me Stupid (C_C/K Boy's Blood Mix) (YSI):
The following morning, a mechanical individual will wake with an awful "what have I done?" feeling. It will be accompanied with a feeling as if someone has chipped away pieces of their digi-brain. This is because someone has. And that someone is you. Bot-loving for pure pleasure is a societal taboo, but it is perfectly acceptable for humans to use the relaxed state of a post-coital mechanical individual as an opportunity to steal important data. Make sure you share this data with anyone who may have witnessed your courtship with the bot, but don't tell them how much you enjoyed the process. They will think you're a total perv. Because you are. (BUY IT - SITE IT - SPACE IT - HYPE IT - WIK IT)

* This is my first themed playlist in a long time, and I apologize that it's so damn weird. It includes a few songs that have been posted here in the past, a few newbies, and a few found on other blogs.

** Courtesy of BIGSTEREO

*** Diagonal Buildings will be playing a show in Brooklyn on March 16 & 18. Check the deets and download New Millenium for free on their space!

**** Courtesy of Palms Out Sounds Remix Sunday

***** In celebration of the CSS domination on the Youtube charts, even if they didn't make the video and the person who did cheated. (see Idolator)

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big bang tv & the rowboats: live in outer space.

dl: BIG BANG TV - send/receive (YSI)
dl: THE ROWBOATS - Eyes Closed (YSI)
Okay, okay. I guess Bushwick isn't really outer space, but if you're looking for something to do in the NYC area should check out Big Bang TV, The Rowboats, The Creature DJs, and DJ Mangoose. They'll be venturing on a mission to move "your hearts, minds, and (occasionally your) butts" at Don Pedro (map it) @ 8PM tonight. $3 beers will be provided ALL NIGHT LONG.

I can attest that my heart, mind, and butt was moved quite often when I last saw Big Bang TV at Europa. As I looked around, I noticed many feet that were moved to tap, many heads were moved to nod. I even noticed Matt's "I Fucked Jack White" t-shirt. You know? Because he was wearing it when he played. You too can notice things like this. But not until you go to this show tonight. Plus, if you pretend hard enough...maybe Bushwick will feel like outer space, no?


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miércoles, marzo 05, 2008

red wire black wire: dying or insane.

In my youth, I was always scared of New York City. I learned to love it upon moving/working here, but there are some days where I feel like I'm fading here. This isn't a foreign feeling. I've felt it at college, certain jobs, and elsewhere. I'm aware that it's not a particularly original or revolutionary feeling. We've all been in those places in which we feel our current location or situation is eating away at our soul, right?

Well, Red Wire Black Wire's "Dying Or Insane" puts a tune beyond these emotions, with a simple refrain of "I think this place is killing me slowly, slowly". It may sound a little too emo for your tastes (perhaps it is), but who doesn't feel a little emo every now and then? With that said, Red Wire Black Wire describes their sound as "the saddest dance party". We all know that adding a bit of dance to your sadness always makes you feel less pathetic (think certain songs by The Cure, etc), and the results here are impeccable.

"Dying Or Insane" is among the less-upbeat songs on RWBW's debut Compass EP, joined by "Bloodline" (seemingly prepped for their unlikely country/folk crossover). The remaining three songs, including the booming title track "Compass", bump out the beats and pump out the tears. Word on the street (aka the internet) is that their live show is quite the sight. If you're in NYC, you can catch them at Club Midway (25 Avenue B, between 2nd and 3rd) on March 21st. That's Good Friday yall, and I can't think of a better way to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus than dancing to some electro-pop jams.

BONER TRACK: DNTEL & RWBW - Dumb Luck (Red Wire Black Wire remix) (YSI)

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martes, marzo 04, 2008

m.i.a.: poingly remix.

It seems here were a few weeks when anyone who had ever heard of M.I.A. couldn't stop talking about Kala, but after the hullabaloo about the album died down...I noticed that talk of Kala essentially became talk of "Paper Planes". And while it's a great song, I just can't get down with any of these remixes (AdRock, Holy Fuck, DFA, etc.) that are floating around.

Funny enough, there is one song on Kala that I've found significantly more enjoyable when remixed. I tried to keep my disappointment about "Boyz" a secret. After the supremely more interesting "Bird Flu" dropped, I expected so much more from the first single. It wasn't until I heard Rock Steady Drew and Leif's remixes that I could finally warm up to the song, and it wasn't until months later that I heard Poingly's take on the song.

Now, I mean this politely. There's something off about Poingly that's preventing me from liking his original music. He's received a bit of coverage in these internet parts (with particular love heading towards his cover of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy"), but it might be the vocal style? The lyrics? The weirdness? Something just isn't right. With that said, something is so right about his remix of "Boyz". In this case, a song that I'm lukewarm about + an artist that I'm lukewarm about = HOTNESS.


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