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miércoles, febrero 28, 2007

  • 1719 of you voted in the first IT'S THE MONEY SHOT!! remix/covers competition. I suppose it was no American Idol, but the fun is just starting folks.
  • 19 remixes and 0 covers/reinterpretations were submitted.
  • 1 lovely late-entry was submitted that didn't quite make it in time.
Stats aside, only one mix could win, and it is...

-- Club Action (By-Product mix)!!!

Congratulations to By-Product. We will be in contact with you about your "date with Yo Majesty". If things go well, there might even be a baby. I'm just sayin'. You got to think big with these types of dates.

Much love to the runner-ups, who will be receiving "a bumper fun Yo Majesty fan-pack".

-- Club Action (Sonic Boom Foundation mix)

-- Club Action (Cosmos Salini mix)

And please show some love for the late 20th entry...

-- Club Action (CinningBao mix)

This concludes the Yo Majesty remix/cover competition. For a full list of results, check here.

I will be gone for a minute, but please stay tuned to THE MONEY SHOT!! for future contests, wonderful tunes, and yumminess that will rival yo momma's chocolate chip cookies.

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martes, febrero 20, 2007

eureka gold: for my friends who have no innocence

EUREKA GOLD was shown some love on here a while back.

Since then, "Just North" has risen to the number two spot on my iTunes Top 25 Most Played. It's safe to say that I am addicted and drooling in anticipation of their debut album. I have no idea when this album will be coming out, so I may be drooling for a very long time. In other words, puddles of my saliva will begin to form in honor of Eureka Gold. I will probably have no friends because of this. However, I will still have "Just North".

Speaking of "north", these boys need to come tour up here. Whether it be NYC, New Haven, Boston...I'd be there. Hell, they can play in my bedroom. Wait. Scratch that, didn't mean for that innuendo. Embarrassment. Must...move songs.

download: EUREKA GOLD- Just North (YSI, zshare)
download: EUREKA GOLD- Lovely Lovely (YSI, zshare)
download: EUREKA GOLD- Over Mountain (YSI, zshare)
download: EUREKA GOLD- Peter Oh (YSI, zshare)

--------------- site it --- space it -- hype it -

BLOGGER NOTE: This means that Eureka Gold has joined the It's the MONEY SHOT!! CLUBHOUSE. Congratulations. This is obviously a monumental point in their career.

BLOGWATCH: Fluxblog bangs out a new version of Robyn's "Robotboy" from the UK release of her album. Mad bitches have been posting the new Modest Mouse.

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miércoles, febrero 14, 2007

So, um, today is the day. Valentine's Day. How will you be celebrating? Obviously, you will be voting on which of these Yo Majesty remixes is the best. Oh, you didn't know?
You may download a zip file of all the tracks here (link removed), or download them individually (if you're lame).
  • Club Action (TF's 1/2 ALIVE remix)-- 88 votes
  • Club Action (GmD remix)-- 15 votes
  • Club Action (Tetsuo's All Out Yo! remix)-- 47 votes
  • Club Action (skrude up remix)-- 8 votes
  • Club Action (Cosmos Salini remix)-- 254 votes
  • Club Action (Turquoise Orange remix)-- 0 votes
  • Club Action (We Have Love remix)-- 64 votes
  • Club Action (The White Devil remix)-- 10 votes
  • Club Action (By Product remix)-- 599 votes
  • Club Action (White Girl Lust remix)-- 8 votes
  • Club Action (That Tingling Feeling remix)-- 3 votes
  • Club Action (Purple Crush remix)-- 11 votes
  • Club Action (E6 remix)-- 0 votes
  • Club Action (Dunk-Do-Mute remix)-- 1 vote
  • Club Aktionist (Duran Duran Duran remix)-- 37 votes
  • Club Action (Sonic Boom Foundation remix)-- 539 votes
  • Kryptonite Pussy (Duran Duran Duran hardcore remix)-- 23 votes
  • Kryptonite Pussy (Richie and the Browns remix)-- 7 votes
  • Kryptonite Pussy (DJ 1982's remix)-- 5 votes
Voting will take place in the poll below (or here if you've been linked directly). Please let me know if any of the links aren't working!

Big thanks to hardfeelingsuk/freeformdisco 1, bigstereo, laptoprockers, stereogum, scary bunnies, dirty down, slutty fringe, indietastic, all of the DJs/musicians who entered, and all of the people who made this possible. Oh yeah, and thanks to Yo Majesty for letting this happen!

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Voting is now closed. I'm sorry.

martes, febrero 13, 2007

sunny d levine: love rhino.

download: SUNNY D. LEVINE- Love Rhino (YSI- zsh)
(mellow California pop tune)
- buy it - site it - space it -

This Valentine's Day...ask yourself the really important question-- "Are you a love rhino?" Sunny D. Levine was wondering, and you are probably wondering who the fuck he is. His debut album dropped a while ago to surprisingly little hype. However, you may know him as a producer for The Happy Mondays and Mickey Avalon ("So Rich, So Pretty"). He also rolls with Hello Stranger, formerly Vagenius. These things don't really matter though. Let's get back to the question. Are you a love rhino? I mean, ARE YOU?

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lunes, febrero 12, 2007

sta free: irreplaceable remix

download: BEYONCE- Irreplaceable (Sta Free Remix) (YSI)
(#1 pop single goes electro)
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I heard the Sta Free remix of Timbaland's "Give It To Me" over at Palms Out Sounds Remix Sunday 50. Afterwards, I had to hear more from this guy. In this remix, he "upgrades" B to a whole other level, and I'm lovin' it like some McDonald's. Oh...and his original work is ALSO the jam and a half.

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sábado, febrero 10, 2007

keke: debit or credit.

download: KEKE- Debit or Credit (YSI)
(Texas rapper chick)
- space it - site it -

Keke hasn't yet tried to push bitches aside for the "Queen of the South" crown, but it's only a matter of time before she starts. I heard this song a looooooong time ago thanks to Travis. I'm not sure how I forgot to post it. "Debit or Credit" has the same level of absurdity and attitude as "Lip Gloss". The only difference is that dirty south flave.

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viernes, febrero 09, 2007

totally michael: cheerleaders vs. drillteam.

download: TOTALLY MICHAEL- Cheerleaders Vs. Drillteam (YSI)
(High-enery, positive, happy electro pop)
- buy it - site it - space it - hype it -

Totally Michael isn't for people who dislike happy, silly music. In his own words, he "enjoys dancing and hopes his music makes you wiggle your butt." To elaborate further, here is a quote from "Alicia's Song"-- "I'll make the most out of life like life was a class and our assignment was to love each other, both of us passed." Super cute! In the song above, Michael details one of the most difficult life decisions you'll ever make-- Cheerleading or drill team? I highly recommend checking out this live performance, in which he divides the audience into two sections and makes them BATTLE as cheerleaders and drill team members. Then he encourages them to join in a unified booty-shaking mass. I feel as if that should be the solution to every conflict. Booty-shaking.

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jueves, febrero 08, 2007

lil mama: lip gloss

download: LIL MAMA- Lip Gloss (YSI)
(16 year old hip-hop chick)
- site it - space it - hype it -

Discobelle posted about Lil Mama a looong time ago (this is internet time so this was probably a few of hours ago or something). In all seriousness, I heard this track yesterday on Frankie Banks' space. I really have him to thank for my unhealthy obsession with this song. Seriously. Now that I've become a self-proclaimed "dance enthusiast", I am going to have to hook this shit up with some cray-cray choreography. In other news, Lil Mama is going to be working with Swizz Beatz and several other high profile producers for her upcoming album. I really can't wait to hear her flow on some Swizzy.

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miércoles, febrero 07, 2007

e6: yo majesty remix

download: YO MAJESTY- Club Action (E6 remix) (YSI)
(Remix of the best female hip-hop trio since Salt 'N' Pepa)
- site it - space it / buy it - site it - space it - hype it -
Today is the deadline for Yo Majesty remixes*. I'm pretty sure this isn't a submission, so I figured I could post it. We have some amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing things coming up for Valentine's Day. By we, I And some DJs who made remixes. Also amazing: If you are in Chicago on March 1st, you can catch a live performance with Yo Majesty and E6. Oh, and a few bonus tracks just for good measure...

download: YO MAJESTY- Don't Fuck With Me (YSI)
download: YO MAJESTY- Kryptonite Pussy (YSI)

I posted both of these before..."Don't Fuck With Me" is an earlier song by Yo Majesty that you can find with a little browsing on the hardfeelingsuk/freeform disco 1 site. "Kryptonite Pussy" is obviously one of my favorite songs of all time. Do not attempt to doubt the genius.

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martes, febrero 06, 2007

we interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging...

It's coming.

domingo, febrero 04, 2007

the rabbits: sunday.

download: THE RABBITS- Sunday (YSI)
(adorable indie-pop that I just posted yesterday)
- nothing it? -

You can call me lazy for posting the same band two days in a row, but I was too busy savoring my Sunday to come up with something better. I literally stayed in bed until two this morning. It was glorious. The Rabbits sing the sounds of my life. Yesterday, I even ate a pizza! Can someone please tell me who these people are? Please?

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sábado, febrero 03, 2007

the rabbits: saturday.

download: THE RABBITS- Saturday (YSI)
(aborable indie-pop)
- nothing it? -

Two years ago, I got a copy of The Rabbits' album First Try from a friend. I've posted songs by them in the past, and I know for a fact that people are listening to them somewhere. However, I find it impossible to find any information about them. Can someone please enlighten me? If not, can someone just download this song and confirm that it's one minute and forty-seven seconds of pure happiness? My favorite lyric..."You can even eat a pizza! God I really want a pizza!" Now I really want a pizza.

PS: I feel guilty. I absolutely despise Garden State, but the new album by The Shins, Wincing the Night Away, just MAY be changing my life? Fuck you Natalie Portman. And your little Braff too. Hype it.

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state bird: where the water met the land.

download: STATE BIRD- Where the Water Met the Land (YSI)
(indie-pop pop pop folk-rock.)
- buy it - space it -

Wait...this song isn't Sufjan? Are you sure? I don't know what it is, but this song doesn't sound like any other by State Bird. Don't get me's good. It's just, well, very Sufjan. The rest of the tunes by State Bird don't necessarily sound like this, but I guess the familiar sound was appealing in this case. Perhaps you may disagree, but I don't really care.*

* Actually I do. Talk to me internet.

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viernes, febrero 02, 2007

u-tern: kelis "trilogy" mix.

download: KELIS- Trilogy (U-Tern's Synth Rock Mix) (YSI)
(Word is that this mix is HOT. Don't sleep.)
- space it - blog it - site it - hype it / buy it - site it - space it - wik it - hype it -

U-Tern likes Pabst. He would like you to get familiar with it. U-Tern also likes Kelis. Therefore, I like U-Tern...because I'm obviously obsessed with her. Perhaps you can get familiar with Pabst* while listening to his mix of Kelis. Why? Because you like U-Tern too. You just don't know it yet.

* Unless you are under 21. There small be no familiarity with the Blue Ribbon. Ever.

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jueves, febrero 01, 2007

marching band: travel in time.

download: MARCHING BAND- Travel in Time (YSI)
(laid-back Swedish indie-pop tune)
- buy it - site it - space it - hype it -

As you may be aware, I've reserved these next couple of months as a time to post whatever the fuck I want and provide very little explanation about it. In this tune, two dudes talk about going back in time kind of like Cher's "If I Could Turn Back Time", but these guys aren't losers pondering the "if". They're just gonna do it...or at least try to learn how. That's all.

PS: Did anyone else SEE Ugly Betty??? CRAZY CRAZY SHIT.

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fantasia: free yourself (live)

download: FANTASIA- Free Yourself (live) (YSI)
(Third season American Idol winner)
- buy it - site it - space it - wik it -

I was inspired by Different Kitchen to post this. I don't think I have ever confessed my love for Fantasia on this blog. I'm not ashamed of it, so I'm going to tell you that Fantasia is the shit and so is her new album. The New York Times even said that her song "Bore Me (Yawn)" is the shit. Because it is. "Baby Makin' Hips" is my jam, and I've been trying to convince my friends that it's genius but they're not hearing it. I think she may just be too fresh for you. I'm sorry that you just can't understand this freshness.

If there is anyone who DOES understand her freshness, cop this acappella and make me a remix. I will post it IN A HEARTBEAT.

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