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viernes, febrero 09, 2007

totally michael: cheerleaders vs. drillteam.

download: TOTALLY MICHAEL- Cheerleaders Vs. Drillteam (YSI)
(High-enery, positive, happy electro pop)
- buy it - site it - space it - hype it -

Totally Michael isn't for people who dislike happy, silly music. In his own words, he "enjoys dancing and hopes his music makes you wiggle your butt." To elaborate further, here is a quote from "Alicia's Song"-- "I'll make the most out of life like life was a class and our assignment was to love each other, both of us passed." Super cute! In the song above, Michael details one of the most difficult life decisions you'll ever make-- Cheerleading or drill team? I highly recommend checking out this live performance, in which he divides the audience into two sections and makes them BATTLE as cheerleaders and drill team members. Then he encourages them to join in a unified booty-shaking mass. I feel as if that should be the solution to every conflict. Booty-shaking.

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