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miércoles, febrero 07, 2007

e6: yo majesty remix

download: YO MAJESTY- Club Action (E6 remix) (YSI)
(Remix of the best female hip-hop trio since Salt 'N' Pepa)
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Today is the deadline for Yo Majesty remixes*. I'm pretty sure this isn't a submission, so I figured I could post it. We have some amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing things coming up for Valentine's Day. By we, I And some DJs who made remixes. Also amazing: If you are in Chicago on March 1st, you can catch a live performance with Yo Majesty and E6. Oh, and a few bonus tracks just for good measure...

download: YO MAJESTY- Don't Fuck With Me (YSI)
download: YO MAJESTY- Kryptonite Pussy (YSI)

I posted both of these before..."Don't Fuck With Me" is an earlier song by Yo Majesty that you can find with a little browsing on the hardfeelingsuk/freeform disco 1 site. "Kryptonite Pussy" is obviously one of my favorite songs of all time. Do not attempt to doubt the genius.

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