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jueves, febrero 01, 2007

fantasia: free yourself (live)

download: FANTASIA- Free Yourself (live) (YSI)
(Third season American Idol winner)
- buy it - site it - space it - wik it -

I was inspired by Different Kitchen to post this. I don't think I have ever confessed my love for Fantasia on this blog. I'm not ashamed of it, so I'm going to tell you that Fantasia is the shit and so is her new album. The New York Times even said that her song "Bore Me (Yawn)" is the shit. Because it is. "Baby Makin' Hips" is my jam, and I've been trying to convince my friends that it's genius but they're not hearing it. I think she may just be too fresh for you. I'm sorry that you just can't understand this freshness.

If there is anyone who DOES understand her freshness, cop this acappella and make me a remix. I will post it IN A HEARTBEAT.

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