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domingo, enero 28, 2007

hadouken!: that boy, that girl.

download: HADOUKEN!- That Boy, That Girl (YSI)
(UK grime-esque electro-rock shit that will take over the world.)
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I have read a few takes on Hadouken!, but I still can't decide if they're too obnoxious for me. Watch their video and come to your own conclusion. I'll have to make a pros and cons chart. If you like this, be sure to cop their remix of Bloc Party's "The Prayer".

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Blogger Tim said...

Could you re-up the Hadouken track?

2/17/2007 3:38 p. m.  
Anonymous Myra said...

yeah what tim said. could you please re-upload the song. would mean a lot to me.


3/22/2007 3:35 p. m.  
Anonymous Myra said...

oh and when you do,if you do(please) could you please tell me.
just message me on my myspace.

3/22/2007 3:38 p. m.  

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