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jueves, enero 18, 2007

vanessa hudgens: innocent pleasure thursdays.

VANESSA ANNE HUDGENS is a star of the Disney Channel original movie High School Musical, an actress and pop star on the rise.

Two of my friends happened to attend the live tour of High School Musical and reported back that they stood in a sea of six year-olds.
They called Ms. Hudgens' performance boring, mentioning a certain ugly gold dress. While I can't deny the ugliness of that dress and I didn't see the performance, I've been charmed by the Hudge. Her music has gained a spot as one of my newest innocent pleasures.

So that settles it. The Hudge's demographic is composed of six year-olds and me. Oh, and apparently she's kind of a big deal in Uruguay? No offense to your six year-old child, Uruguayans, or myself...but this album is not good. Pure pop fluff. It's so wrong, not even so right.

But I like it. Something about the song "Say OK" has me hooked the same way I was hooked to Hilary Duff's "Come Clean"--- neither of them make much sense, but they make my ears happy. The Hudge's video for "Say O
K" also has remarkable similarities to the Duff's video for "Fly" (see wikipedia page). Fans of the Duff have developed conspiracy theories that these similarities are no coincidence, implying that the Disney Channel made this video to spite Hilary for leaving the channel in 2004 (to pursue the lifestyles of the rich and famous).

Arguably, the Hudge is the multiracial equivalent of the Duff (minus the veneers) She's squeaky-clean, held on a pedestal above her "partying peers". But is it a coincidence that she's a real-life version of the "homeschooled hottie" depicted by Lindsay Lohan in the hit movie Mean Girls? Perhaps there's a girl gone wild that is yet to be unleashed. Hell, one of her songs has a *GASP* cuss word in it! Hell, she's edgy! Hell, she was in Thirteen before her Disney days.

We'll have to wait until Vanessa's contract with Disney is done to see whether she'll go to the dark side...or the Duff side (as I like to call it). Until then, I recommend that you just "let go" and get yo' Hudge on.

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BLOGGER NOTE: I realize that she's 18, but any sickos who are looking for a "money shot" of Vanessa Hudgens need to move on. You'll have to wait for the Hudge to have a serious career low before you get to see High School Cumsicle. Just sayin'.
BLOGWATCH: Toya, another one of my favorite innocent pleasure blogs, is on hiatus. I'll miss her. Sneakmove shows love for Salt 'N' Pepa's "Spinderella's Not a Fella". Fluxblog has a new song by Yoko Ono featuring Le Tigre.

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