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lunes, enero 15, 2007

prince: golden globed.

LISTEN: PRINCE- Song of the Heart
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For me, the best news coming out of the Golden Globe Awards is that PRINCE won for Best Original Song. Sure, Jennifer Hudson took home Best Supporting Actress, but let's face it...we saw that coming from a mile away. Seeing Prince nab an award after Mr. Timberlake tried to deliver a slap to the face was great. Seeing Timberlake present the award? Priceless.

This feud is no feud at all. Prince is a superior artist on so many levels-- producing, writing, and performing every aspect of his music. Just because Timberlake is topping the charts now, that doesn't mean that he will have any relevance to the history of pop music in the future. Like, I love you Justin, but you need to become your own man before you start talking big. I saw you tryin' to act cute on TV, and it wasn't cute. Just stop. Make some brilliant pop music under the direction of Timbaland. Don't act like you're ground-breaking.

Returning to Prince, "Song of the Heart" is an amazing (not to mention gosh-darn cute) song.

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