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domingo, enero 14, 2007

juelz santana: weekend update (part one).

DOWNLOAD: JUELZ SANTANA- There It Go (my!gay!husband! remix)
(short hip-hop mash-up with Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
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I ventured to NYC this weekend. Therefore, no thesis-sexy-time.

I went with my friends, a boy whose name I forgot already, and a cardboard cut-out of another boy to Santana's Town, a store located uptown and affiliated with rapper
Juelz Santana. Upon arrival, my friend Emily was disappointed by the size of the store. Despite this, she still wanted a few pictures to document her arrival. While taking said pictures, a child stepped out of the store and asked, "Yo, are you gonna buy something?"

The child then noticed the cardboard cutout. "Who's that?" Three other children emerge from the store. Somehow, the four children wind up posing for pictures outside of the store with a cardboard cutout and a collection of white kids (us). Once we actually managed to get inside the store, the children began to ask more questions. "Why did you make a cardboard cut-out of him?" For a movie. "What channel it on?"

At this point, we found ourselves in the back of Santana's Town watching the video with an employee and four children. Surreal. I don't think I have much more to say about this topic.

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