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lunes, enero 01, 2007

quio: she likes to jump at people.

QUIO popped up on some random 16 year-old hipster kid's myspace page one day. Considering I don't usually take musical cues from teenagers who are trying too hard (very few teenagers aren't trying too hard, let's be honest), the strangest thing made me find her appealing. I'd ask you not to judge me for this, but the sole reason I was on the random 16 year-old's myspace was to judge him. Karma, I guess. So judge all you want.

Okay. So while I'm listening to "Gazon Gasolina", I swore that an element of the instrumental was taken from The Neptunes' instrumental for "Caught Out There" by Kelis. It's one single noise, and I may be crazy for noticing this, but it made a difference. I love, like, AND respect Kelis no matter what anyone else says. She's absolutely crazy. Crazy amazing. If you don't agree, perhaps you should read her cover story in VIBE Vixen, a magazine that was apparently created for women of color...and, um, me. So, in this article, Kelis talks about her relationship with her hubby Nas (which sounds like the healthiest show business relationship in the universe), her music, her family, and more. No, this isn't an advertisement for VIBE Vixen bitches. Admittedly, I read the article in Hudson News while waiting for my train back to the jerz at Penn Station. But seriously, Kelis is the real deal. Read that shit up in the Super Stop & Shop if you have to. She's the shit. <-- This video is further evidence. "BITCH...where'd you get that bag?"

Sorry, had to get that out of my system. Now back to Quio.

The first thing you should know about Quio is that she should not be taken seriously. In fact, she is violently against being taken seriously-- "She likes to...break up what supposedly makes sense. In misunderstandings she sees both the chance to have performer and listener create something new, and to put into question the perception of understanding something the wrong or right way. Quio is against seriousness when it is used as a tool of dominance, in the way that seriousness gives weight, means truth, means realness. Never wanting to impose meaning. She writes against preconceptions and boxing people in, especially women into premade schemes."
Crazy. Crazy amazing.

If that doesn't convince you, perhaps you will be swayed by lyrics such as, "I spread my vibes like an orca in ultrasonic."
Orcas aren't mentioned quite mentioned enough in pop music, and I salute Quio for attempting to address this issue.

Quio doesn't quite fit into a mold. On "Gazon Gasolina", she sounds like a nonsensical version of Lady Sovereign over some random-ass experimental electro track. On another side, "So Dazed" is just as non-sensical, yet it's mellow vibe is more suitable for a fan (or former fan) of The Postal Service. You can watch the trippy video for the latter song here.

Some final things you should know: I'm super late in discovering Quio. Over a year. On the other hand, I'm not sure if I can agree with radio babylon's assessment that, "this is perfect for anyone who loves M.I.A. but doesn't think she's grime enough." I guess everyone will have different things to say about Quio due to her genre-fucking tendencies. And, the way, her name is pronounced "oooh!" Yes, that doesn't make sense. At all.

DOWNLOAD: QUIO- Gazon Gasolina

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