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lunes, agosto 21, 2006

the changes: reppin' chi-town to the fullest

THE CHANGES have held a place in my heart ever since early last year when they released a demo of their song "Modern Love" with a spoken word track of a Hilary Duff article from Blender magazine read over it. Within a few weeks, the song had risen to the number one most played in my iTunes library. Sure, band member Dave Rothblatt's vocal delivery is pure Jesus magic, but what blew my mind about the track was that the song in the background was actually really good. This may have just been a joke, but these guys made some seriously good music.

They were SO good that I just had to interview them for the now re-invigorated pop culture blog Totesumbrellas. Months later, I received an e-mail from the bass player Rob Kallick saying that because of our support, he'd be sending a copy of their upcoming album Today is Tonight. I have to admit that I hadn't really thought of the band for awhile. It was refreshing to hear from them, and even more refreshing to tear the paper off a package which included a luscious copy of their new album.

I expected it to be good, but not THIS good. The album was recorded in their hometown Chicago with the aid of engineer Chris Brickley, who worked on R. Kelly's album R. and Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. I'm very picky when it comes to rock music these days, but Today is Tonight is one of the best albums I've heard in 2006. I don't say this often on this blog...but it is pretty much the MONEYSHOT. It's almost as genius as R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet". Almost. I don't want to do it any injustice by continuing to ramble about a genre I know little of, but this is quality pop music at it's best.

For those who this matters to, The Changes performed at Lollapalooza 2005. They've done shows with Stephen Malkmus, Kaiser Chiefs, Ted Leo, The Futureheads, and The Walkmen. They have been compared to The Smiths and Steely Dan. Oftentimes, critics like to use the word "jangly" when describing their sound. Drum player Jonny Basofin is terrified of birds. Also, if you check the space, polls say he is the hottest member of the band. You can also read creepy comments about guitar player and singer Darren Spitzer which read verbatim, "darren, you have an amazing voice. simply amazing. it has the same effect on me that xanax does."

More importantly, a new song can be heard every week on the space until September 26th. On this date, Today is Tonight will be released. Your ears will thank me when you purchase it. Because you will.

DOWNLOAD: THE CHANGES- Modern Love (Alternate Version) <--not on album! BONUS TRACK: THE CHANGES- Modern Love (Hilary Duff Version)

Today is Tonight SEPTEMBER 26th!!

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