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jueves, febrero 08, 2007

lil mama: lip gloss

download: LIL MAMA- Lip Gloss (YSI)
(16 year old hip-hop chick)
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Discobelle posted about Lil Mama a looong time ago (this is internet time so this was probably a few of hours ago or something). In all seriousness, I heard this track yesterday on Frankie Banks' space. I really have him to thank for my unhealthy obsession with this song. Seriously. Now that I've become a self-proclaimed "dance enthusiast", I am going to have to hook this shit up with some cray-cray choreography. In other news, Lil Mama is going to be working with Swizz Beatz and several other high profile producers for her upcoming album. I really can't wait to hear her flow on some Swizzy.

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