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jueves, noviembre 29, 2007

tyskerhar: interplanetarian tai chi.

d/l: TYSKERHAR - Interplanetarian Tai Chi (YSI)
The facts are these: Tyskerhar is an electro duo from Berlin, a cute Asian chick and a dude with a laptop. I found them while browsing, even though they were featured three times on BIGSTEREO since March. However, I was lucky to miss them because otherwise my ears might not have collided with "Interplanetarian Tai Chi". This tune is a tad bit mellower and weirder than those that were posted by Travis, and no's my favorite.

But there's nothing wrong with the dirtier dance-rap tunes the group pops out. A prime example of this is "C Pop", which I was going to say reminds me of Uffie's "Pop the Glock", but I realized that there was one big difference-- I actually like this song. I suppose I shouldn't mention how it reminds me of this song too? No, I shouldn't. But I did.

I'm a little baffled about why these kids aren't a bigger deal. Tyskerhar writes on their space, "$$$ If you own a label you should sign us and make us all billionaires. $$$" Can someone please take that advice? Now? I need Tyskerhar performing in a venue near me. NOW!
bonus track: TYSKERHAR - C Pop (YSI)
bonus track: TYSKERHAR - C Pop (Maurice remix) (YSI)

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miércoles, noviembre 28, 2007

his & her vanities: moving forward.

A while back, I went into total stalker-mode with the artists on indie-label Science of Sound. Okay, so I didn't actually stalk them, but I was totally in love after hearing Sleeping In The Aviary and She Is So Beautiful/She Is So Blonde. Mi amor led me to getting my ears on some of the labelmates, namely His & Her Vanities.

After much contemplation in my cubicle, I've come to the conclusion that "Moving Forward" is the shit...three years too late. This tune is off of the band's 2004 album A Thought Process, and luckily it still sounds good. Speaking of luck, the band is in the studio working on their third album. It ain't no secret that I look forward to hearing it.

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martes, noviembre 27, 2007

too $hort: this my one.

d/l: TOO $HORT f/ E-40 - This My One (YSI)
I'll be honest. I had a soft spot for E-40 ever since he repped the skull & keys on the cover of My Ghetto Report Card. I'm not familiar with even a fraction of his discography, so I probably shouldn't be saying this-- but I find his style of rapping to be entirely irritating. No disrespect to the Bay. I just might not be hyphy enough, you know?

Similarly, it's been difficult for me to listen to new Too $hort songs without comparing them to the good ol' days. You know...when he talked more about his penis. Oh, but did you know that he was one of the only rappers in the industry to collaborate with The Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac, Mac Dre, Ol' Dirty Bastard, and Eazy-E before they died? I didn't. Thanks wikipedia!

BLOGGER NOTE: This time in color! To be honest, I didn't have much to say about this song.

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viernes, noviembre 23, 2007

passion boys: pet me (paris hilton).

d/l: PASSION BOYS - Pet Me (Paris Hilton) (YSI)
You'd think I'd be tired of celebrity-themed songs by now. Between Pase Rock, The Teenagers, I'm From Barcelona, CSS, seems that the blog-world is over-saturated with tunes about celebrities and their rancid (famous) vajayjays. Will it ever stop? EVER?

Not if The Passion Boys have anything to say about it. You may remember them from their hit song "Passion Boys Is Firemans", as seen on ITMS in June of 2006. Of course you probably don't remember them, because I doubt anyone has been following this blog for that long. Let me refresh your non-existent memory:
The Passion Boys are an allegedly Hungarian electro duo. Their English isn't very good, but their music is pretty damn good...or at the very least, fun(ny). I once tried to choreograph a "robots vs. dinosaurs" dance to their song "Robot Sexie Time". Unfortunately, it never happened. These are all the important facts that you need to know. For real.
Oh, so they also have this song about Paris Hilton. Well, technically it's not about her. It's about her dog...well, not really. It's actually about wanting to BE her dog. It may be a little weird. It may be a little creepy. OR IT MIGHT BE THE BEST THING EVER.

BLOGGER NOTE: If you haven't noticed, posting has been pretty inconsistent around here. I'm going to be experimenting a bit for the next month or so. My current agenda is to include a Bic pen sketch for each song I post. This probably won't happen consistently until I have my own apartment + scanner. But I like the idea.

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jueves, noviembre 15, 2007

she said she liked kurt cobain and montell occasionally.

Now usually I don't do this but uh...I've felt the need to write a little bit about my life and adventures in NYC. It totally has to do with music. I swear.

A few days ago, I was on the subway and I noticed this man staring at me. I know, right? He was totally gay for me! Or so I thought...As he gets up at the Union Square stop, I am 100% convinced that he is going to hit on me. He leans forward in my direction, squints, and says:
"Dude, you look so much like Kurt Cobain that it's SICK. I was trying to figure out the whole ride why you looked so familiar. That's some crazy shit."
I don't know what the hell he was talking about. Dude was totally dumb. Or maybe just happy?

Here we are now!

I took this photo as a demonstration of what that man was seeing. I clearly am not smiling because the only people who smile on the subway are drunk white girls and probably Bob, the Enzyte guy.

BTW: The title of this post is totally a reference to this song, which is one of the first cassingles I ever owned. UGGGH!

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miércoles, noviembre 14, 2007

hello, blue roses: shadow falls.

HELLO, BLUE ROSES just may be the lamest selection for my return to the world of aural-blogging.

A quick glance at Hype Machine leads me to believe that I wasn't the only one who got an indie-boner when "Shadow Falls" popped into the ol' digi-box. To sum the nine posts...Hello, Blue Roses is a duo of IRL boos Sydney Vermont (Bonaparte) and Dan Bejar (The New Pornographers, Destroyer, Swan Lake). Their album is out through Locust Music on January 22, 2007. Something about harsh pastoral '80s reality, blah blah. It's pretty.

Honestly, that's all you really need to know about this song. It's fucking pretty. Winter is approaching and if it's getting chilly in your parts, I strongly recommend wrapping yourself in a blanket and listening to this song on repeat. Cuddling is suggested. Moping about having no one to cuddle with is encouraged (when necessary).

I wish I could say more about this song given that I've been replaying it for a few weeks, but nothing more really needs to be said. Pretty pretty pretty.

d/l: HELLO, BLUE ROSES - Shadow Falls (YSI)
(sweet indie-pop for winter blanket-time)
- site it - space it - hype it -

WEBBYVANDERQUACKIN': If you're upset by the lack of bootyshakin' jam in this post, perhaps you should check out Leif's remix of Todosantos at BIGSTEREO.

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