working towards an intellectual understanding of booty chatter.

miércoles, enero 31, 2007

the good girls: just call me.

download: THE GOOD GIRLS- Just Call Me (YSI)
(late eighties/early nineties Motown girl group)
- buy it - wik it -

This song is a forgotten gem of the '90s. So forgotten that I don't even remember it. These girls were supposed to be the newer, sassier version of The Supremes...Apparently it didn't really work out in the end.

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martes, enero 30, 2007

sofia talvik: mw, fw (sophie rimheden remix).

download: SOFIA TALVIK- Mother's Way, Father's Way (Sophie Rimheden remix) (YSI)
(Swedish indie-pop remix)
- buy it - site it - space it - wik it / site it - space it / space it - hype it -

Sophia Talvik is currently offering a free remix album of her upcoming album Street of Dreams. It is called Street of Dreamix. Get it at her site!

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gotdion: kelis remix

download: KELIS- Get Along With You (GotdioN remix) (YSI)
(electro-rocked version of a sad R&B jam)
- space it - cop it - / buy it - site it - space it - wik it -

I've told you how much I love Kelis, so you can forget that. This post is really about GotdioN. He's underground, but he's been pushing out some of the best mainstream hip-hop/R&B remixes that I've heard in a long time. Check out this adrenaline-rushed remix of the second single off of Kaleidoscope by Kelis. Strangely, he says that this is one of his least favorite maybe my ears are flawed on this one. Either way, make sure to cop his mixtapes on the space before he gets famous! You'll certainly be hearing more of his mixes here on THE MONEY SHOT.

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ak-momo: greasy spoon.

download: AK-MOMO- Greasy Spoon (YSI)
(relaxing swedish tune, beautiful voice + vintage electronics)
- buy it - space it -

I'm not sure why I don't already own AK-Momo's album Return to NY, especially when you can buy it used on Amazon for under $5. Double especially since I absolutely love the small selection of songs AK von Malmborg has graced my computer with. Apparently, these tunes are recommended for fans of Joanna Newsom, Bjork, Kate Bush, and Portishead.

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lunes, enero 29, 2007

samuel: cassie remix.

download: CASSIE- Long Way 2 Go (Samuel remix) (YSI)
(minimal refix of pop tune)
- site it - hype it / buy it - site it - space it - wik it - hype it -

I don't know much about this Samuel character, but he's kind of the shit (no pun intended with above photo). Make sure to also check out his remix of Nelly Furtado's "Promiscuous Girl". Sure, the original is a little played out, but his version made it okay for me to listen to the song again (when I'm not drunk).

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eureka gold: just north.

download: EUREKA GOLD- Just North (YSI)
(Nashville indie-rock)
- site it - space it -

I had trouble deciding which song to post by Eureka Gold, so I decided to go with my first instinct. The operatic vocals that come in around 2:30 in this song are unexpected but welcomed with open arms. Apparently, southern boys do it better? Too bad I'm from New Jersey. Expect big things from these boys...or at the very least good tunes. Listen to three more on their space, and a few others on their site. This may be an overstatement, but I think that it's safe to say that they're one of my favorite new bands.

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macromantics: scorch.

download: MACROMANTICS- Scorch (YSI)
(Australian indie hip-hop jam)
- buy it - site it - space it - read it - wik it -

I try not to name-drop too much on here, but Macromantics is basically like Lady Sovereign but Australian, less disgusting, and more intelligent. Her album dropped in the US this past Tuesday on Kill Rock Stars, and I am mad late blogging this shit. I'm not sure if I am jumping out of my shoes over this song, but it makes me look forward to her future releases.

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domingo, enero 28, 2007

hadouken!: that boy, that girl.

download: HADOUKEN!- That Boy, That Girl (YSI)
(UK grime-esque electro-rock shit that will take over the world.)
- space it - blog it -

I have read a few takes on Hadouken!, but I still can't decide if they're too obnoxious for me. Watch their video and come to your own conclusion. I'll have to make a pros and cons chart. If you like this, be sure to cop their remix of Bloc Party's "The Prayer".

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sábado, enero 27, 2007

khia: so excited (hood remix).

download: KHIA- So Excited (Hood Remix) (YSI)
(Dirty, dirty south rap. I mean, very dirty.)
- buy it - space it - wik it now, wik it good -

If I hadn't made it clear before, I'm not-so-secretly obsessed with Khia, the woman behind "My Neck, My Back (Lick It Now)". Her personal version of Janet Jackson's not-so-hit single "So Excited" is one of the reasons I breathe. I can't believe I haven't shared this gem with you before. SHAME.

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viernes, enero 26, 2007

m.i.a.: every day i love you less and less.

download: M.I.A.- Every Day I Love You Less and Less (YSI)
(M.I.A. covers the Kaiser Chiefs)
- buy it - site it - space it - wik it -

This is a bit old, but it's been rocking my pod for a looooong time. When the hell is Power Power dropping? I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm dying to get "Bird Flu".

PS: I forgot to mention my gratitude for Slutty Fringe , another blog that linked to the Yo Majesty remix/cover contest. Remember, entries are due February 7th!

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jueves, enero 25, 2007

my little airport: victor, fly me to stafford.

download: MY LITTLE AIRPORT- Victor, Fly Me To Stafford (YSI)
(Hong Kong indie-pop. Cute. Female vocals.)
- buy it - site it - space it -

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dj pataasa: e-40 remix

(Mash-up with E-40's "Tell Me When To Go" and Peter Bjorn & John's "Young Folks")

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miércoles, enero 24, 2007

united state of electronica: vamos a la playa

DOWNLOAD: U.S.E.- Vamos a La Playa
(Seattle dance-pop-rock. Daft Punky.)
- buy it - site it - space it - wik it -

For now, I'm just posting good songs. Old or new.

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martes, enero 23, 2007

mechanical bride: should i stay or should i go?

- space it -

I must confess, I'm a sucker for pretty animated things. Mechanical Bride's "Poor Boy" falls into this category.

With that said, posting isn't going to be as consistent for the next couple of months. I was thinking about a hiatus, but I decided to stay...for the children.

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domingo, enero 21, 2007

podington bear: too cool for the forest.

PODINGTON BEAR is the cutest thing to ever happen to your iPod.

Remember Paddington Bear? He was pretty cool I guess, but did HE make music??? No, my friends...but Podington Bear does. He will give you a new song every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

What kind of music does Podington make? Well, he doesn't really specify other than saying that they are "instrumental songs, made with love". Isn't that enough? No? Well, so far Paddington's tunes have fallen under the general genre of "instrumental electro-pop". Gorilla vs. Bear has compared him to The Album Leaf, The Octopus Project, and Tunng. If you are unfamiliar with or disdain any of those musicians, I urge you to still give Podington a chance. He's just a bear, and you should support the wildlife!

So far, Podington's tunes have been relatively happy and soothing. Considering that I enjoy cute things, I enjoy this project. If you happen to enjoy cute things as well, subscribe to Podington's Podcast. It will make your Mondays more exciting, and that was enough to convince me.

DOWNLOAD: PODINGTON BEAR- Climbing the Mountain
- subscribe it - site it - space it - read it -

BLOG-PROPS: Forgive me if I miss someone, but thanks to Laptoprockers, Dirty Down, Indietastic, stereogum, and bigstereo for linking to the Yo Majesty remix/cover contest. The submissions are beginning to roll in, so just make sure to get yours in before February 7th! Also, thanks to songs:illinois for pointing peeps towards the new Don Lennon.

BLOGWATCH: Harold Who? brings us a track by The Bird and the Bee. Ickmusic bumps some ol skool hip-hop. 3hive features the God Damn Doo Wop Band.

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sábado, enero 20, 2007

bloc party: music for feedback

DOWNLOAD: BLOC PARTY- The Prayer (Hadouken! remix)
(Courtesy of hupendi musiki, how is this shit not already on hype machine?)
- pre-order it - site it - space it / space it - read it - youtube it -

I finished cutting the inside of the George Jetson block. Basically, it asks the question, "What if the style of the future IS just like The Jetsons?" You never know. I'd totally buy those boots.


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viernes, enero 19, 2007

kotki dwa: music for feedback

(delightful UK electro indie-pop)
- buy it - site it - space it -

Ok, so no feedback is actually necessary here. I've been putting off my robot block for a while now, and I think kotki dwa's picture is a sign from the gods of art that I need to go forth and work on it. I will be sharing a delightful tribute to George Jetson with all of you tonight/early tomorrow. As Scar once said in The Lion King..."BE PREPAAAAAARED!"


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kelis: new video for "lil star" f/ cee-lo.

I originally objected to posting music videos on this blog, but in this experimental pre-April time...why not?

I've been following Kelis's career ever since the days of Kaleidoscope, when I got a call from my eighth grade girlfriend telling me that I needed to see the video with the crazy rainbow-b
rite Scary Spice wanna-be yelling a lot. It didn't take me much longer to realize that Kelis was more than that. Can't see beyond "Milkshake"? Check out the videos below, and understand my love. Several of these were not released in the US, so if you're on my side of the pond...they're definitely worth watching. I've starred my favorites.

- Caught Out There* - Good Stuff - Get Along With You* -
- Young, Fresh N' New* -
- Milkshake - Trick Me* - Millionaire -

- Bossy* - Blindfold Me - Lil Star -
  • Note the minimalist aesthetic of "Trick Me".
  • Note the poodles, ice sculptures, and absurdity of "Bossy".
  • Note the Heidi Klum in "Young Fresh N' New".
  • Note the oddly dark, gothic mood of "Get Along With You".
  • Note the random jungle and polar wonderland scenes in "Blindfold Me".
Despite the giant bubble coat, "Lil Star" is probably the most "normal" Kelis video I've ever seen. It is directed by Mark Klasfeld, the same man behind "Bossy" and "Blindfold Me". I'm a little disappointed that the video took the song so literally, but Kelis can get away with it because she's super-cute. "Lil Star" is the single in the UK, so if you're still sick of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy"...don't be too worried about hearing Cee-Lo's voice on your radio too. My secret hopes are that it will do well enough to cross over to the US as Nelly Furtado's "Maneater" did, but I'm not holding my breath. "Trilogy" will be the third single in the US, and a video is not yet recorded.

This post is starting to get way too fanatical and I totally promised that I'd lay off the hip-hop, pop, and R&B for a couple of days, so I'll stop.

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jueves, enero 18, 2007

vanessa hudgens: innocent pleasure thursdays.

VANESSA ANNE HUDGENS is a star of the Disney Channel original movie High School Musical, an actress and pop star on the rise.

Two of my friends happened to attend the live tour of High School Musical and reported back that they stood in a sea of six year-olds.
They called Ms. Hudgens' performance boring, mentioning a certain ugly gold dress. While I can't deny the ugliness of that dress and I didn't see the performance, I've been charmed by the Hudge. Her music has gained a spot as one of my newest innocent pleasures.

So that settles it. The Hudge's demographic is composed of six year-olds and me. Oh, and apparently she's kind of a big deal in Uruguay? No offense to your six year-old child, Uruguayans, or myself...but this album is not good. Pure pop fluff. It's so wrong, not even so right.

But I like it. Something about the song "Say OK" has me hooked the same way I was hooked to Hilary Duff's "Come Clean"--- neither of them make much sense, but they make my ears happy. The Hudge's video for "Say O
K" also has remarkable similarities to the Duff's video for "Fly" (see wikipedia page). Fans of the Duff have developed conspiracy theories that these similarities are no coincidence, implying that the Disney Channel made this video to spite Hilary for leaving the channel in 2004 (to pursue the lifestyles of the rich and famous).

Arguably, the Hudge is the multiracial equivalent of the Duff (minus the veneers) She's squeaky-clean, held on a pedestal above her "partying peers". But is it a coincidence that she's a real-life version of the "homeschooled hottie" depicted by Lindsay Lohan in the hit movie Mean Girls? Perhaps there's a girl gone wild that is yet to be unleashed. Hell, one of her songs has a *GASP* cuss word in it! Hell, she's edgy! Hell, she was in Thirteen before her Disney days.

We'll have to wait until Vanessa's contract with Disney is done to see whether she'll go to the dark side...or the Duff side (as I like to call it). Until then, I recommend that you just "let go" and get yo' Hudge on.

- buy it - site it - space it -

BLOGGER NOTE: I realize that she's 18, but any sickos who are looking for a "money shot" of Vanessa Hudgens need to move on. You'll have to wait for the Hudge to have a serious career low before you get to see High School Cumsicle. Just sayin'.
BLOGWATCH: Toya, another one of my favorite innocent pleasure blogs, is on hiatus. I'll miss her. Sneakmove shows love for Salt 'N' Pepa's "Spinderella's Not a Fella". Fluxblog has a new song by Yoko Ono featuring Le Tigre.

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miércoles, enero 17, 2007

ghislain poirier: adventures in santana's town.

(Nothing more needs to be said. Dipset!)
- buy it - site it - space it / buy it - site it - space it - mixtape it -

So the pictures from Santana's Town (see earlier post) were just developed, AKA they were just posted to facebook. I took this picture, and I'm still not quite sure how it all happened. It's so wrong, but it's so right. It's not right, but it's okay. In any case, I obtained this picture at a moment that coincides with the release of Ghislain Poirier's Bounce Le Remix vol. 2, which coincidentally features a remix of..."Santana's Town". Dipset! I am taking a break from hip-hop and R&B for a couple of days, given that this blog is for a buttload of genres.

OH, you should also check out scattermish's post about this track.

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martes, enero 16, 2007

aaliyah: happy birthday

(strikingly eerie ballad off of Tim's Bio: Life from da Basement)
- buy it - buy aaliyah's music -

I was going to post Aaliyah's song "John Blaze" off of the same album, but I thought this song by Playa was strangely appropriate for the occasion. Despite the fact that this is a love song, the instrumental is rather ominous, hinting at sadness or mourning. Perhaps I'm reading in to it too much? Today, Aaliyah would have been 28 years old. In her short life, she made an incredible impact on young females in pop music from Ciara and beyond. Bless her.

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eddie murphy/michael jackson: whatzupwitu

I hate to rain on Eddie Murphy's post-Golden-Globe parade, but stereogum linked to this video and I couldn't help but do the same. You can read their write-up about it, but I think the video actually speaks for itself. I'm a little sad now that I didn't have MTV in 1993.

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lunes, enero 15, 2007

kele le roc: so don't give song

KELE LE ROC adds new depth to my last post. First off, she is a huge Prince fan. Secondly, she has accused Justin Timberlake of stealing the chorus for his hit song "My Love" from her song of the same title "My Love (Garage 10 Below Mix)". Oh snap.

This may be a stretch, but doesn't this coincidentally echo the story of Effie White in Dreamgirls? Sorry. Golden Globes are still on the mind.

Returning to Kele Le Roc, her animosity towards Timberlake is illustrated further by the posting of Mad TV's "Like I Am You" on her page. The video accuses Justin of copying the style of another of Kele's idols, Michael Jackson.

Unfortunately, Justin isn't the only person who has been accused of biting other artists in the recent news. His buddy Timbaland, master of turning obscure samples into hits, has been accused of using many aspects of Finnish musician Janne Suni's song "Acid Jazzed Evening" for Nelly Furtado's "Do It". To make matters worse, Timbaland also submitted the beat in 2005 as an "original ringtone" called "Block Party". You can watch videos featuring the clips here and here, or check out the original sound-files on somethingawful.

Frankly, I'm not sure how I feel about either of these instances. As someone pointed out on the somethingawful forums, "There's a saying in the music industry that the only true copyright for a piece of music is to make it famous before someone else does. Sorry." Sure.

It's also clear that Timbaland is a crazy sampler, particularly evident in Czar's samples of the week at The Thomas Crown Chronicles. However, in most cases, Timbaland gives credit to the original artist. You can't get away with sampling Stevie Wonder without paying the checks. The debate here is that Mr. Mosley supposedly took a track that was available for free to download and used it to produce his own "original" work. It's a tricky situation. I am conflicted inside because even if Timbaland did steal the song, I only lose an ounce of respect for him. An ounce.

But fuck. I'd be pissed if he stole my shit. Pissed.

On the other side of things, I would like to hear Kele's original version before I make the judgment that Justin stole her arrangement. Currently, she has made a version of her song with the original chorus over Timbaland's instrumental available, and I'm not sure how much it proves just yet. Have a listen to it, and decide for yourself.

(R&B jam sung over "original" instrumental by Timbaland)
- buy it - space it - site it -

DOWNLOAD: TIMBALAND- Block Party (ringtone)
just added!

Before I get accused of biting myself, let me give major credit to Beauty n the Beat for this post.

BLOGWATCH: Arjan Writes brings us a song by Alice Smith, who (as he says) "can solely rely on her raw talent as opposed to being dependent on Timabland-inspired big beat productions that are ruling the U.S. charts." Not a good day for Timbo it seems...On a different note, Funky16corners has a new mix up featuring Otis Redding, Betty Harris, and much more. Bigstereo has (funky fresh) bandanas for sale!

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prince: golden globed.

LISTEN: PRINCE- Song of the Heart
(soundtrack tune, streaming at AOL music)
- buy it - site it -

For me, the best news coming out of the Golden Globe Awards is that PRINCE won for Best Original Song. Sure, Jennifer Hudson took home Best Supporting Actress, but let's face it...we saw that coming from a mile away. Seeing Prince nab an award after Mr. Timberlake tried to deliver a slap to the face was great. Seeing Timberlake present the award? Priceless.

This feud is no feud at all. Prince is a superior artist on so many levels-- producing, writing, and performing every aspect of his music. Just because Timberlake is topping the charts now, that doesn't mean that he will have any relevance to the history of pop music in the future. Like, I love you Justin, but you need to become your own man before you start talking big. I saw you tryin' to act cute on TV, and it wasn't cute. Just stop. Make some brilliant pop music under the direction of Timbaland. Don't act like you're ground-breaking.

Returning to Prince, "Song of the Heart" is an amazing (not to mention gosh-darn cute) song.

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domingo, enero 14, 2007

goddamn electric bill: weekend update (part two).

DOWNLOAD: GODDAMN ELECTRIC BILL- Lost in the Zoo (DJ Egadz remix)
(electro-pop, whirling soundtrack music for your life as a movie)
- buy it - site it - space it -

I was lucky enough to get down to The Chocolate Factory this weekend for my thesis advisor Kate's show with the lower lights collective. Her piece, a collaboration with dancer Lily Skove, was absolutely incredible. I don't believe I possess the level of artistic vocabulary to do the piece justice, so I will stop there.

Beyond that, there were two delightful pieces with "performer, sculptor, and generally curious being" Aki Sasamoto that will stick with me for the rest of my life. Potatoes! Potatoes!

If you are in the New York City area and have any tolerance for weirdness/performance art, I highly recommend going to one of the upcoming performances of CRAM at The Chocolate Factory. Just sayin'.

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juelz santana: weekend update (part one).

DOWNLOAD: JUELZ SANTANA- There It Go (my!gay!husband! remix)
(short hip-hop mash-up with Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
- buy it - site it - space it - mixtape it / site it- space it -

I ventured to NYC this weekend. Therefore, no thesis-sexy-time.

I went with my friends, a boy whose name I forgot already, and a cardboard cut-out of another boy to Santana's Town, a store located uptown and affiliated with rapper
Juelz Santana. Upon arrival, my friend Emily was disappointed by the size of the store. Despite this, she still wanted a few pictures to document her arrival. While taking said pictures, a child stepped out of the store and asked, "Yo, are you gonna buy something?"

The child then noticed the cardboard cutout. "Who's that?" Three other children emerge from the store. Somehow, the four children wind up posing for pictures outside of the store with a cardboard cutout and a collection of white kids (us). Once we actually managed to get inside the store, the children began to ask more questions. "Why did you make a cardboard cut-out of him?" For a movie. "What channel it on?"

At this point, we found ourselves in the back of Santana's Town watching the video with an employee and four children. Surreal. I don't think I have much more to say about this topic.

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viernes, enero 12, 2007

don lennon: imagi-fridays.

DOWNLOAD: DON LENNON- Young People Need Guidance
(Poppy rock tune, off of his new album Radical)
- BUY it - SPACE it - SITE it -

No, this isn't going to be part of my thesis...yet. To gain inspiration for the rest of my project, I went through my house over winter break to find old drawings, school projects, and photographs. The excerpt below was written by me as a 7 year-old on October 15, 1992.

"Joseph's Island"

One day Joseph was walking and he met a witch. The witch gave him a ride to an island. Nobody was there to do some thing. He tried to make a boat, but that did not work. Then he met a friend. The friend left. and Joseph swam back. Then he wanted to go get something to eat and drink. He got Kool Aid and pretzels. He was so happy. He jumped out of his shoes. Everybody cheered.

Some things will never change.

I still love pretzels so much that they make me jump out of my shoes in happiness. It's hereditary...My grandfather loved pretzels so much that he would keep a stash in the front pocket of his shirt.

I still have problems. With punctuation. And punchy sentences. You may have noticed. Possibly.

Unfortunately, some things do change. My imagination. I will never again write a story like that in my lifetime. I've lost that spontaneity. Everybody cheered.


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jueves, enero 11, 2007

omarion: innocent pleasure thursday.

OMARION is the first artist to be featured here in the experimental series, Innocent Pleasure Thursdays. My semi-hiatus gives me the liberty to try out some new things, figure out what this blog could become.

Innocent Pleasure Thurdays is a series in which I confess my so-called "guilty pleasures". As the defendant, I plead innocent. I enjoy a good amount of pop music, and I'm not embarrassed to say so. In a blogosphere full of musical elitism, I'm here to tell you that it's okay to break out your old Backstreet Boys or Avril Lavigne albums and rock the fuck out. Sometimes, music shouldn't be taken so seriously. Don't feel guilty anymore. Dance with no shame, stranger. Dance.

Returning to Omarion, his latest effort, 21, recently topped the Billboard album charts. Beyond that, his song "Ice Box" is climbing the charts of my life. When listening to Omarion, I can rarely separate him from his days as a member of the R&B boy-band B2K. It's as difficult for me as trying to separate his "brother from another mother" Marques Houston from his days acting as Roger on Sister, Sister or singing on the soundtrack to the 1997 Nickelodeon film Good Burger. When Mr. Houston was singing about sexing ladies up and getting "Naked", I couldn't stop thinking, "Go home Roger!"

Omarion is 22 years old, which seems strange to me given that his album is called 21. For me, he'll always be that teenager, grabbing the number one spot on 106 & Park, BET's alternative to MTV's TRL.
"Ice Box" is an exception to this rule, but I'm pretty sure it has very little to do with Omarion's artistic vision.

What makes this song special? Timbaland's production? Check. The Clutch's song-writing? Check. Omarion is just a pop star. It is likely that he will be irrelevant in a few years, as a new group of sweet-voiced "hotties" enter to steal the spotlight. They'll follow the same handbook that made Omarion a star, and they'll blow up just as easily. Hot producer? Check. "Hot" body? Check. Hot dance moves? Check. Dedicated tween fan-base who would dog me out if they read this post? Double check.

Omarion is replaceable...and I'm totally okay with that. But I won't stop listening just yet.

DOWNLOAD: OMARION- Ice Box (GotdioN remix)*

- BUY 21 - SPACE Omarion - SPACE GotdioN -

* I fear the RIAA, so I will never post original versions of pop songs on this blog (any more). I'm not too sorry, because this remix is, as some R&B bloggers might say, FIIIRE!!!

BLOGGER NOTES: Big thank you to stereogum and bigstereo for linking up the Yo Majesty remix/cover competition. Also, please support my good friends at wesleying and vote for them as the "Best Alternative Media Outlet" over at US News. I don't care if you don't go to my some bloggers out!

BLOGWATCH: With all that said, bigstereo has an interview with Uffie. Check that out! Beauty n the Beat is back in action, fulfilling my need for innocent R&B pleasures. Gorilla vs. bear brings us some new stuff by DJ Danger Mouse, as well as a new artist by the name of David Vandervelde. For even more tunes, check out Vandervelde's Daytrotter session. Badminton Stamps, snuh, and RF Blog all pay tribute to the 2007 inductees to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame -- Patti Smith, R.E.M., Grandmaster Flash, The Ronettes, and Van Halen.

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miércoles, enero 10, 2007

pineforest crunch: music for feedback

(Beautiful, Swedish indie-pop group covers '90s dance hit)
- website - myspace - buy -

Much like the song above, I didn't expect to like this as much as I do. Basically, this block is just of a plain t-shirt. I'm going to be printing this multiple times and playing around with different designs, including the Raven idea.


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bunny: box in a box

- watch it - space it - read it -

I discovered this super-late, but for those of you who haven't seen/heard need to get on it! Obviously, it is a spoof of Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg's "Dick in a Box", and you must be living on another planet if you haven't seen that. Bunny's version is full of some trite vag jokes, but it definitely has some classic moments. I'm a big fan of the mention of "Cinco de Mayo" personally. According to her blog, Ms. Bunny has more magic to share with the world, including a future video by kid sister Lil Buns. This goes to show you the power of a good youtube parody. As Bunny says, "this internet's kind of a big deal." Fact.

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martes, enero 09, 2007

betty harris: music for feedback.

(super-rare recording by a 1960s New Orleans soul goddess)
- buy it - read up -

I wish I owned this suit. Just finished up this cardboard cut last night, though it had been on hold for a while. This image is the unfinished version, because you KNOW I'm too lazy to take a new one.

I'm still in the process of figuring out how to format these posts. I'll keep 'em coming as long as I can.


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domingo, enero 07, 2007

yo majesty: remix/cover competition.

It's ON! Hardfeelingsuk/freeform disco 1 has teamed up with The Vanita Phone Company to bring you the first ever IT'S THE MONEYSHOT!! remix/cover contest.

Anyone is eligible to enter. We just want to hear your hottest remix, mash-up, cover, or re-interpretation of Yo Majesty's "Club Action". Bring it.

Hear the original track here or on their myspace.

DJs, or anyone else, are invited to bring the heat with their remix. Cop the acappella here or in Yo Majesty's blog on myspace. Your remix doesn't have to fill the floor of the club like the originals...just bring something new to the table. We want to see what you got...or if you got anything at all. Yeah, I went there. What are you going to do about it? I suggest that you make a mix and show me that you do, in fact, "got something".

Don't have the skills to mix? All other musicians--from classically trained clarinetist to self-trained kazoo master--are invited to submit an original composition inspired by "Club Action". Your lyrics do not have to match the original exactly, but it should be clear that it was inspired by it. Hell, your song doesn't even need to have lyrics.

WINNER RECEIVES: "a chance to go on a date with Yo Majesty, runners up receive a bumper fun Yo Majesty fan-pack" Sure, it's a relatively ambiguous prize, but you'll have bragging rights. That's what matters. There can be only ONE grand-prize winner. Is that YOU? I hope so. Losing isn't very fun.

Please send an mp3 file of your remix, mash-up, cover, or re-interpretation to... thephonecompanylovesyou (at)

Submissions are due by February 7th. Finalists will be chosen by a small panel of judges and revealed in a special Valentine's Day post, February 14th. The grand-prize winner will be decided by votes in the comments of the V-day post. Voting will be closed at midnight on February 28th, with the winner being announced the following day.

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sábado, enero 06, 2007

music for feedback: toys, turning off the lights, and music usage in art.

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I have to confess that I escaped to Foxwoods today for dinner, so I don't have much to share but some ideas.

I'm kind of anti-gambling so my time at Foxwoods was spent eating and walking around, though I did play some skee-ball in the arcade. More importantly,
Foxwoods has one of the most amazing contests going on. You swipe your "Wampum card"* and see if you get the opportunity to, wait for it...

Play tic-tac-toe. Against a LIVE chicken.

This isn't a joke, and I wish I had my camera with me so I could prove it to you. If you win, you get $10,000. If you lose, you get a t-shirt that says
"I lost to a chicken at Foxwoods". In other words, if you are eligible to compete against the are a winner no matter what. Seriously. I wanted a chicken t-shirt so badly that I almost asked them if I could buy one. Perhaps someone is selling one on e-bay?

With t-shirts in mind, I had planned on creating a basic t-shirt block today. With this block, I could print multiple images and play around with different t-shirt designs and colors. A shirt I am certain I will be using is one that reads "That's SO" followed by a picture of a raven, hence the image you see above. I know it's a corny pop culture reference, but it's a shirt I'd certainly wear next year and probably twenty years from now. I'm still receiving compliments on my text-only
"I Snogged Ginny Weasley"t-shirt, so I think I have a good idea of what I'm doing, you know? I've always been a sucker for novelty t-shirts, but I haaaate running into someone who is wearing the same one. In seventh grade, I came into school wearing the same South Park t-shirt and pair of Jnco (don't laugh!) jeans as a girl in my homeroom. The entire day, people made fun of me...insisting that I called her up, asked what she was wearing the following day, and planned to match. It's not the issue of conformity that bothers me...the joke just isn't as funny when other people are in on it.

I have to confess that the South Park/Jncos incident of 1998 was a major reason that I became so self-conscious of what I wore to school. In high school, I used to keep a calendar tracking what I wore in a secret code for fear that I'd wear the same jeans or shirt in the same week. I admit that it's a little OCD, but people are mean! I didn't have the level of maturity back then to shake off the haters and do my thang. I was too busy being an angsty teenager. In any case, my documentation of my wardrobe got to a level of excess that during my graduation party, two of my cousins snuck into my room and added items such as "I Heart Men t-shirt" and "zebra thong" to the calendar. I can't decide if this was funny in retrospect.
  1. MUSIC: I should briefly mention that the song I have posted isn't just coincidentally related to this post. Bedtime for Toys incorporates a bevy of visual elements into their live shows, which I have yet to see, including spectacular stage lighting and video elements. With that said, I am considering the incorporation of music into my thesis. Now, I'm not thinking of blasting dance-party ready jams like "Say BOOM" up in the gallery. I was thinking of going in the direction of more experimental tunes with fairly unclear subject matter, along the lines of the less lyrical compositions of Dave Doom, Twink's toy piano tunes, or Laura Goldhamer's instrumental works and interludes. Basically, I would like to use something that enhances the work without distracting the viewer...adding another level to the subconscious experience of imagining your childhood and the possibilities of the future. Do you think music would be overkill? If I can pull it off, I'd like the installation to feel like stepping into another world. I guess you could call it a birthday party of the subconscious? How important do you think it'd be for me to work with a composer to create original music rather than using unrelated tunage that just happens to work well with the pieces? Would it be overly corny to credit/market the artist in some way? Just some thoughts.
  2. LIGHTING: There is a lovely wall of windows in the gallery space I'm using, but I'm considering covering them entirely and excluding all sources of natural light. I think this would enhance the feeling of "stepping into another world". There's also a glass door to enter my gallery space, and I'd love to keep it closed and covered. I don't know if this is against the gallery rules, so I'll have to talk to some people about it. I'd especially love to cover it with pictures children drew of what they want to be when they grow up. I wanted to be a doctor. HA!
Bring on some feedback. Seriously. I have an exciting post coming up tomorrow.

* The mere mention of "Wampum card" made me want to do nothing but listen to "Wamp Wamp" by Clipse & Slim Thug. Was I the only person who had that reaction?

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viernes, enero 05, 2007

music for feedback: elmo and animal hospital.

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This begins a series of posts that will continue up until April. What's the deal? I give you a tune a day in return for feedback on my senior art thesis. Hypothetically, this will allow me to share music with you AND encourage me to have something new to show to you every night. If you want to know a little bit about the tracks, you can check out the tags on the post. I won't have time to write much more than that, but I will direct you to websites, myspaces, links to purchase, and any press for the artists involved.

Perhaps I should explain what I'm doing art-wise. At Wesleyan University, art majors are required to complete a senior thesis exhibition. Essentially, this means that we work intensely for months and show the final product in a huge art gallery with a few other majors. I will be showing in approximately 3 months.

My thesis is composed of wood-block prints of a personal nature, exploring childhood, the imagination, the process of growing up, and the uncertain future. The future will be represented by a collection of garments for a single 3 ft. tall paper doll. The garments will span across a wall of approximately 150 square feet. They will detail various aspects of the future-- occupation, fashion, social standing, fantastical scenarios, etc. The block you see above will be used for a print emphasizing the bizarre possibility that I will wind up working at Sesame Place as Elmo.

I plan to complete the garments by the end of January and then focus on the second wall of the gallery. This wall will include prints detailing my growth as an individual. I know that this doesn't sound like the most intellectual or groundbreaking collection of art, but my hopes are that the piece will encourage others to revisit their childhood and remember the days of coloring books & imaginary friends. I feel like we grow up way too fast, quickly forgetting what made us who we are and worrying too much about what we'll become.

OH! And don't worry...I'll still be bringing you some exciting new stuff musically. Just wait.

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the changes: daytrotter sessions.

THE CHANGES have just entered the brand new IT'S THE MONEYSHOT!! clubhouse (see sidebar) along with Khia and Yo Majesty. I have reserved this space of my webspace for artists who are so good that I had to make two posts, with the exception of Leif (who is just damn awesome).

Recently, I was going through my hits from google on sitemeter and saw that "Dave Rothblatt" had been searched for. I can think of three possible scenarios to explain this-- he's applying for a job, he googled himself, or someone is stalking him. Either way, the searcher clicked my link and I clicked back to see what came up in their search. Strangely, the result I got is no longer showing up in the search. However, yesterday when I searched for Dave Rothblatt, I discovered that The Changes were reviewed in October by Playboy, which I now apparently read just for the articles. They received three of four bunnies, giving them "solid" status. Reviewer Marc Hogan writes:

"Timing isn't really the Changes' thing, as the title of their debut album suggests. For one thing, Today Is Tonight arrives more than a year after the Chicago indie-pop quartet took its star turn as the only unsigned band at the 2005 Lollapalooza festival. And the Changes are still churning out shiny '80s prom gems at a time when indie audiences have already been bombarded with armies of stylish new-New Wavers. Fortunately, the Changes stick out from the angular-guitar-and-skinny-ties crowd by emphasizing echo-laden pop hooks borrowed from the dorkier representatives of the Wedding Singer era. At times the funky guitars and vocal harmonies even recall blue-eyed soul dweebs Hall and Oates, but here that's definitely a good thing. Opener "When I Wake" is catchy, up-tempo soft rock, doused with reverb and sparkly synths, while lonely lament "Water of the Gods" smoothes out a Motown beat. Sure, guitarist-songwriter Dave Rothblatt's lyrics aren't always as sleek as the production: "Don't wanna lose when I can win," Darren Spitzer rasps on moody, Cure-like "Such a Scene". But such lapses are the exception, not the rule. Today Is Tonight introduces the Changes as a new Chicago band that might still actually be worth listening to tomorrow."

First off, I need to commend Playboy for having excellent music writers. I would have never knew! Also, it should be noted that Ciara received two and a half bunnies, a rating that simply means "bland...and a half".

So Playboy's verdict is out: The Changes are better than Ciara, but they're not quite "fucking brilliant" yet. Personally, I think they have achieved fucking brilliant status. They're in the damn Moneyshot!! clubhouse and that is, as Pink Nasty once said, "totally fucking brilliant". Their album, Today is Tonight, has made my personal Top 20 of 2006 list, a list that will solely exist in my head. It's one of few albums that works 100% as an album. Even if it was just a coincidence, the arrangement of all 12 songs from "When I Wake" to "When I Sleep" flows impeccably. There isn't a single dull moment on this record, and I have a feeling that the unpretentious influences heard in their tunes may be the reason why other bloggers haven't quite shared my level of enthusiasm. In my last post, I pointed out how "jangly" seems to be a word that is often used by critics when describing The Changes' sound. Personally, I don't think "jangly" is an appealing word. It reminds me too much of "gangly". Not very flattering.

So forget jangly. Let's just remember that this is a band that is heavily influenced by R. Kelly's insanity and once claimed to have written an epic rock-opera about cancer. That's that shit.

Recently, The Changes' recordings from the Daytrotter studios in Rock Island have recently become available, along with a new interview. Even if you don't like their music, you have to admit that The Changes are excellent at interviews. They always have something interesting or humorous to say, their level of charisma do you say it? if the party was catered. On top of that, the newer, less-poppy version of "When I Wake" is so good that it reminds me of my jeep.*

* I promised myself this would be the last R. Kelly joke of this post. Some day, I hope The Changes do a cover of R. Kelly. I just want them to step in the name of love. Love for the R., that is.

DOWNLOAD: THE CHANGES- Water of the Gods (Daytrotter Session)
DOWNLOAD: THE CHANGES- When I Wake (Daytrotter Session)
DOWNLOAD: THE CHANGES- Such a Scene (Daytrotter Session)
DOWNLOAD: THE CHANGES- Her, You, and I (Daytrotter Session)

Read more about this recording session, or download the songs here after the above links expire.

BONUS TRACK: THE CHANGES- Modern Love (Alternate Version)

BUY Today is Tonight

BLOGWATCH: My Old Kentucky Home has some tracks by Bonde do Role. Strangely, I was thinking of writing a post about them last night. Blogsarefordogs posts their take on the best of 2006. Scattermish points us in the direction of a fun visual artist by the name of Justinian McAllister.

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