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viernes, junio 16, 2006

passion boys: their music is make excite chicken dance feeling.

PASSION BOYS "make some music very much like name Passion Boys. They like make music about sexy ladie and nice music also." No, you haven't suddenly come down with a rare reading disorder. That is how they type.

Whether or not these boys from Bataszek, Hungary are punking the world a la Silvia Night is yet to be determined...but one thing is certain. I will gladly ride in a satellite (of love) with Gyorgy and Laszlo. Their major hit "Passion Boys are Firemans" is a delicious piece of European techno with a pure cheesiness that would make Le Sport jealous.

Even better than the actual song is a mash-up with Snoop Dogg's "Drop It Like It's Hot". In the past, I have encountered many mash-ups including the acappella from "Drop It Like It's Hot", but none of them can even come close to touching this one. None of them. NONE.

For those of you who have fallen in love and are prepared to ride on a satellite (of love)...head over to the "Passion Boys Appreciation Society". If that's not enough for you, I suggest that you friend them on the space and send them a nice message.

DOWNLOAD: PASSION BOYS- Passion Boys are Firemans

BLOGWATCH: You Ain't No Picasso has a link to the adorable music video for I'm From Barcelona's "We're From Barcelona". Over at stereogum, get a preview of what Lady Sovereign has to offer on her upcoming Def Jam release. Head over to fluxblog for the Richard X remix to Annie's new song "The Crush". Lastly, check out the new single "Show Stopper" from Making the Band 3's Danity Kane at Stars Are Blind...and proceed to wonder why Diddy insists on continuing this series.

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Blogger the person called -ME said...

haha your blog is really interesting...I'm going to check out some of the musicians you suggested that are good. =]

6/16/2006 10:58 p. m.  
Blogger the person called -ME said...

Jack Black? cute or busted.
it's definitely his attitude and sense of humor.
its like, when someone is really attractive, but they know it = unattractive.
Jack Black acts like a complete loser, but it's just his personality. he doesnt care whether or not he is cute, which makes him probably even more awesome. he just doesnt care what people think of him, and that kind of quirky attitude makes him great.


6/17/2006 9:32 p. m.  
Anonymous Gyorgy said...

Wow, YES!! Amaze to say so too many nice thing of Passion Boys!!! Thank you!!!

Love from Bataszek,
Gyorgy an Laszlo!!!

6/21/2006 7:06 a. m.  

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