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viernes, junio 09, 2006

summer album preview: impeach my bush.

PEACHES has taught you well. But seriously...are all you motherfuckers ready for the Fatherfucker? No? Well, maybe you're ready for Impeach My Bush, the third album by the queen of obscene, sucky-sucking, genderfucking electroclash.

Impeach My Bush finds Peaches out of her element actual studio. But have no fear! The vocals have been treated in such a way to make them sound like they were recorded in a small, shitty room. There's still that gritty Peaches sound, but with a touch of smoothness. And she hasn't lost her edge either. With songs like "Slippery Dick", "Tent in Your Pants", and "Fuck or Kill", you know this is the same lady who once urged you to fuck the pain away. How can you not love an album that contains the lyric, "I'd rather fuck who I want than kill who I have to"?

Strangely, the biggest surprise of the album is a a special guest appearance by Ms. Leslie Feist, Peaches' former roommate. WHAT??? As a friend pointed out, "That's like Al Gore and Tommy Lee Jones but less musical". The duo collaborate on the song "Downtown", an incredibly mellow song for Ms. Nisker. I'm not going to lie...the song is almost sexy enough that even I'd let Peaches show me "her thing".


To make up for the faulty link to "Do Ya", may I recommend that you head over to Pardon My Freedom to d/l two other new tracks from Impeach My Bush? I'll replace the "Do Ya" link as soon as I get my computer up and running back in NJ.

PRE-ORDER Impeach My Bush, to be released on July 11th

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Anonymous Pari$ said...

For reasons unknown to me, the second link is not working, and keeps leading me to a Microsoft page.

6/10/2006 12:50 p. m.  
Anonymous Cruz said...

yeah same here...

6/10/2006 8:54 p. m.  
Blogger  said...

sorry, do u mind reuploading downtown? and then sending the link to my email at

much appreciated, thanks.

3/27/2008 2:39 a. m.  

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