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martes, mayo 30, 2006

congratulations! she has arrived.

Silvia Night is congratulating you!! Why? Because she is so amazing, of course.

This Icelandic superstar caused quite the stir at the Eurovision Song Contest this year. When her song "Congratulations" was translated to English, the lyric "the vote is in, I'll fucking win" was pointed out as being inappropriate by Eurovision exec Svante Stockselius. Silvia's response to his statements were "I'll fucking say what I fucking like." In a press conference, she called out a reporter for looking her in the eyes and demanded that her bodyguard take her away.
Despite all of this, Ms. Night gained quite a following. She appeared on MTV Japan, telling the VJ that she arrived in Japan to purchase a baby because they're cute. The first thing she says to them is "Dont mention Björk cause she's a retard. I feel really bad for her cause everyone is making fun of her."

The profanity and generally offensive behavior didn't stop there. After Silvia's song did not "fucking" win, Silvia got violent with several reporters, stating "Somebody has been spreading lies about me and I think it is YOU...and you are a slut and I hate you."

WATCH: Eurovision performance (featuring men in short shorts & telephones that come out of candy-canes)
WATCH: Official Music Video


Unfortunately, Silvia's performance went beyond this song. She is actually a character created by a member of the band Ske, Ágústa Eva Erlendsdóttir, and an actress on a semi-reality television show. Even the reporter who was carried out by her "bodyguard" was an actress. It actually took a while for the Icelandic and Eurovision audience to realize this. It only took me a few minutes thanks to youtube and wikipedia. At first I was disappointed, and then I realized what an amazing acting job all of this was.

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