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viernes, junio 02, 2006

summer album preview: the big bang.

Busta Rhymes is an asshole. It's hard for me to write an impartial review of an album by a man who verbally attacks a gay fan for simply trying to congratulate him on his comeback. I understand that he needs to maintain his street cred, but jeez...couldn't he just pat the guy on the back and say, "Thanks for the love, No homo dawg." I'm not even going to take you back to the radio interview in which sir Bus-a-Bus states that he poked Nicole Richie and said that "He ain't gonna even ENTERTAIN" the concept of being with another man. Can't we all just take an example from Kanye?

But shit, this isn't any sort of commentary on homophobia in hip-hop. I can talk out my ass and it's not gonna stop rappers from calling their rivals fags
and homos. This is about the music, so right now I got to separate myself from the man behind it. But before I do so, let me point out the gayest photo of Busta Rhymes ever taken...

"Haaaay reporter!!!"

The Big Bang is, yes, the best work Busta has done since 1998's Extinction Level Event. People are saying Busta is back, but I never realized that he left. Sure, it's been 4 years since It Ain't Safe No More. The album only went Gold, but it also pushed out "I Know What You Want", Busta's most successful single since "What's It Gonna Be?" with Janet Jackson. "Touch It" and "I Love My Bitch" aren't even touching it's success on the charts, but I suppose that doesn't mean shit to Mr. Trevor Smith.

It's all about getting another platinum on the wall...and with Dr. Dre's help, this album will probably help Busta obtain that. Honestly, he needs all the help he can get at this point. At 34 years, Busta is no longer the fresh-faced 19-year-old we heard spitting on "Scenario". He's been in the game for a long time and it shows, especially on the Midnight Marauders throwback track "You Can't Hold the Torch" featuring Q-Tip. On the song, Busta asks where all the love & music went in the game, complaining about younger rappers in the game...
"These n---as can't hold the torch/ So why should we pass it?"

The most successful aspect of the album is that it remains consistent & cohesive despite the obvious differences between the club bangers, old man joints, sexy jams, street anthems, and blatant excuses to have a guest appearance. The album certainly isn't short on guests with everyone from Stevie Wonder to Missy Elliott to LaToya Jackson showing up on tracks. Yes. THAT LaToya Jackson.

The most interesting song on the album is the final track, the Dr. Dre produced "Legends of the Fall-Offs".
The chorus asks, "Do you ever think what life would be? Where you will go after you die?" Evidently, it is creepy, haunting, morbid, and surprisingly beautiful. On the track, Busta raps over the sound of shoveled dirt and his own heartbeat with minimal instrumentals. It's good to know that a big ol' tough guy like Busta still has fears. It's also good to know that he still has a heart. I guess the real reason that I like it is because Busta is buried alive by the end. Asshole, I hope you get that platinum for your wall.

WATCH: "I Love My Bitch" music video f/ Kelis &

WATCH: "Touch It (remix)" video f/ a whole shitload of rappers, Mary J. Blige (for a fact she don't rap), and an adorable group of middle-school aged cheerleaders stepping.

DOWNLOAD: BUSTA RHYMES- Legend of the Fall-Offs

PRE-ORDER The Big Bang

Finally, I recommend that you head over to soul-sides to read a great review of Christina Aguilera's new track (that I posted earlier today) and Busta's album. You can also take a listen to "You Can't Hold the Torch". Great bloggers think alike?

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Blogger Max said...

speaking of busta being a dickhead... (feat. scott storch)

6/04/2006 6:14 p. m.  
Blogger Joe John said...

Seriously. What an asshole. That was painful to watch.

6/05/2006 12:02 a. m.  

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