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viernes, noviembre 23, 2007

passion boys: pet me (paris hilton).

d/l: PASSION BOYS - Pet Me (Paris Hilton) (YSI)
You'd think I'd be tired of celebrity-themed songs by now. Between Pase Rock, The Teenagers, I'm From Barcelona, CSS, seems that the blog-world is over-saturated with tunes about celebrities and their rancid (famous) vajayjays. Will it ever stop? EVER?

Not if The Passion Boys have anything to say about it. You may remember them from their hit song "Passion Boys Is Firemans", as seen on ITMS in June of 2006. Of course you probably don't remember them, because I doubt anyone has been following this blog for that long. Let me refresh your non-existent memory:
The Passion Boys are an allegedly Hungarian electro duo. Their English isn't very good, but their music is pretty damn good...or at the very least, fun(ny). I once tried to choreograph a "robots vs. dinosaurs" dance to their song "Robot Sexie Time". Unfortunately, it never happened. These are all the important facts that you need to know. For real.
Oh, so they also have this song about Paris Hilton. Well, technically it's not about her. It's about her dog...well, not really. It's actually about wanting to BE her dog. It may be a little weird. It may be a little creepy. OR IT MIGHT BE THE BEST THING EVER.

BLOGGER NOTE: If you haven't noticed, posting has been pretty inconsistent around here. I'm going to be experimenting a bit for the next month or so. My current agenda is to include a Bic pen sketch for each song I post. This probably won't happen consistently until I have my own apartment + scanner. But I like the idea.

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