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martes, octubre 02, 2007

cat ciao!: part dos.

CAT CIAO! stormed onto my cheap-ass speakers a few weeks ago, and they've been turning my Party Shuffle into a true party ever since.

Some time since then, they've popped a new track called "Lemonade" onto their space. The chorus is simple enough-- "Do the lemonade girl, twist it like a lemon", but this is the number one neglected summer jam. It is now autumn, and doing the apple cider or the pumpkin pie just doesn't sound as catchy. But fuck that, it's warm enough. Grab yourself a glass of lemonade and twist your hips like it's still summertime.

On another note, my sister was just saying how the baby name "Lindsay" is ruined for her because of Lindsay Lohan. I guess she doesn't like girls who don't wear their panties, eh? Well, Cat Ciao! member Josh (Owl Meat/Figure) also did an incredible mash-up of Pase Rock's "Lindsay Lohan" and Cat Ciao!'s "Cat Fight". You can hear/download the original "Cat Fight" on their space. This stuff is too good to not escape the walls of Evansville, get it in your ears NOW.

dl: CAT CIAO! - Lemonade (YSI)
dl: PASE ROCK, SPANK ROCK - Lindsay Lohan (Cat Ciao! remix) (YSI)

(sexygirl hip-hop + hot mashy)
- space it - space it -

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