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viernes, septiembre 28, 2007

britney spears: gimme more remixes.

BRITNEY SPEARS may have been cool to post about a few weeks ago. Hell, maybe she's even cooler to post about right now. I'm not really down with the kids these days.

All I know is...Despite the MTV VMAs "disaster", Ms. Spears has rocketed to the number one spot in the iTunes music store, only two days after her single was released. It is also the number one ringtone. This is no indication of whether or not America actually likes Britney these days, but they can't hide that they're loving her new single. The iTunes Music Store tells no lies.*

Lips don't lie either. Word on the street is that this song is the shit. A possible skeptic (who is close-to-my-heart) contacted me through his iPhone** with this urgent message: "'gimme more' is shockingly good" None of us actually had faith in her to recover from the phase of the Federline, but I think she's surprising us a bit. Sure, the track didn't debut all too high on the charts...but I bet we'll see a jump with this digital release. But this isn't the reason I'm making this post. I have nothing to say about "Gimme More" that hasn't already been said. Few people can deny that this is a terribly addictive, lovable pop song. God bless Danja and Keri Hilson.

Now bring on out the remixes:
  • BenG STFC remix-- I have no idea who BenG is, why his website doesn't work, why googling him only tells me that he remixed Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey, or why this remix is SO DAMN GOOD. The STFC stands for "strictly for the club", and while this version is not exactly any better for the clubs than the has a simplicity and charm that I cannot get enough of.
  • GotdioN remix-- I got this mix a while back, and it had to grow on me. As usual, GotdioN comes through with a mix that is adrenaline-rushed and nearly apocalyptic. The song becomes sexy in the creepiest way possible. I imagine a sex-starved, monstrous Britney prowling through a club, clawing through uneligible bachelors until she finds her prey. For some reason, I gyrate in my bed while listening to this. Was that TMI?
  • Dirty Pop remix-- Blender picked up on this one, and apparently they think that Lil Wayne decided to "add a couple quick verses". I find this hilarious because they fully acknowledge that half of his verses are exactly the same as those on Enrique Iglesias' "Push"...yet they still think that Max Methods managed to get Lil Wayne in the studio for this unofficial remix. But this isn't a rant against Blender, for they make a very good point-- "Basically, this new "Gimme More" sounds like a Timbaland remix with Lil Wayne on it. We're not complaining." I'm not complaining either.
dl: BRITNEY SPEARS - Gimme More (BenG STFC remix) (YSI)
dl: BRITNEY SPEARS - Gimme More (GotdioN remix) (YSI)
dl: BRITNEY SPEARS f/ LIL WAYNE - Gimme More (Dirty Pop remix) (YSI)

Britney: buy it - site it - space it - wik it - hype it -
space it - hype it -
Max Methods: space it

* At least...I don't think it does. What has it been telling you?
**Why is this post coming off as a commercial for Apple?

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