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lunes, septiembre 17, 2007

kanye west: live at 2007 vmas.

KANYE WEST and I have a love-hate relationship. I suppose it's rather one-sided given that he has no idea who I am (yet).

And I suppose it's just turned into a love relationship. I know everyone and their mommas* have been talking about the sales battle between 50 Cent and Kanye, and I feel annoying adding my two cents. However, this whole battle has finally allowed me to truly appreciate Mr. West.

It all started on September 1oth, 2007. My morning commute left me stuck in traffic, so I flipped the switch to Power 105.1 to listen to Ed Lover and Egypt's morning show. The first thing I hear is a live performance from the VMAs of Kanye's "Good Life" with T-Pain. I had heard the song already, but this was the moment that I realized it was going to be a hit. I turned up the volume, rolled down my window, and despite being early September, it finally felt like summer.

The following day I heard an interview in which Kanye said a whole lot of ridiculous shit. Ridiculous shit that I loved. And on September 12th I bought the album. I became a victim to a publicity stunt and I loved it.

Take a listen to some of the performances Kanye did for MTV, noting that this is apparently the last time he'll ever perform for them.

dl: KANYE WEST f/ T-PAIN - Good Life (Live at 2007 VMAs) (YSI)
dl: KANYE WEST - Champion (Live at 2007 VMAs) (YSI)
(live hip-hop tunes)
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