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martes, agosto 28, 2007

podington bear: new remixes

PODINGTON BEAR remixed Dntel a while back, and I remember saying in my post that I hoped he'd do more remixes in the future.

My hopes have become a reality. Last Friday, Podington began to release a "handful of Portland bands remixed", beginning with Graves' "Val K". On Monday it was followed up by a remix to YACHT's "I Believe in You". The instrumentals on these remixes are what we've come to expect from Podington-- totally cute.

I don't know much about the Portland scene, so I can't even offer a guess about which bands will be featured next, but I'm excited to hear whatever Podington has in store! This makes Hump-Day seem all too far away.

dl: GRAVES - Val K (Podbear remix) (YSI)
dl: YACHT - I Believe in You (PodBear remix) (YSI)
(remixes of Portland bands by a musically talented bear)
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