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jueves, agosto 23, 2007

mocha: anyway, you can catch me any day.

MOCHA was a rapper signed to Missy Elliott's Goldmind Inc. record label.

She first appeared in 1998 on the remix to "Hit Em Wit Da Hee", in which Timbaland sampled Bjork before I was sensible enough to listen to her. The first time I really noticed her to the point of being like, "Damn, who is that chick?", was on Nicole Wray's 1998 single "Make It Hot". After that, I coincidentally* kept running into her verses on CDs I purchased-- Timbaland's "What Cha Know About This" off Tim's Bio, Gina Thompson's "Why Do Fools Fall in Love?" off the soundtrack of the same name, Destiny's Child's "Stimulate Me" off the LIFE soundtrack, DJ Clue's "I Like Control" off The Professional, and Sporty Thievz's "Even Cheaper" off the single for their their TLC-response "No Pigeons". I owned most of her discography without even trying.** I didn't know anything about her solo album until my 8th-grade-girlfriend mentioned that she had a song featured on a Hot 97 mixtape. I was like, "Yo! You got to burn that shit for me!" She never did. Remember when we used to burn CDs to share music regularly? I do. And it makes me feel old. I'm totally not old enough to feel old.

In any case, I came across the song my 8th-grade-girlfriend once mentioned several months ago. In fact, I came across a few more songs that were recorded for her album Bella Mafia***. I was super excited.

While these came from an era when Timbaland's production was a bit more fun, they're surprisingly mediocre. "Runnin Shit" has a corny cartoon-esque beat that Mocha totally pulls off with her attitude, but it is accompanied by an incredibly lame chorus by Timbaland. There's something wrong with "Talkin Crazy" that I can't quite put my finger on. I think the beat may be a bit too powerful for Mocha's delivery. "Mardi Gras" sounds like a second-rate version of Eve's first single "What Yall Want".

After all those years of anticipation, I was kind of disappointed. At least this provides a bit of closure about why her album was never released. Since her rap career has dwindled, Mocha has had two books published. Her first novel Cash Money includes the following description-- Tanita and Freeda, best friends caught up in a game of men and fast money, struggle with a decision that could end their friendship and possibly even their lives. I totally want to read it.

dl: MOCHA f/ TIMBALAND - Runnin Shit (YSI)
dl: MOCHA f/ MISSY ELLIOTT - Mardi Gras (YSI)
dl: MOCHA - Talkin Crazy (YSI)
(late 90s, early 00s hip-hop)
- wik it -

* I say "coincidentally" because it was all entirely coincidence. While I totally liked Mocha (a lot), I never made any effort to buy albums she was on.

** I actually remember consistently holding Nicole Wray's CD in a Sam Goody and second-guessing whether I should buy it. I bought Total's 1998 album for my other 8th-grade-girlfriend and almost kept it for myself. These two purchases would put me four songs away from having all 11 songs of Mocha's pre-solo material. I don't know why I felt the need to put this information on the internet.

*** Yes. This was the title of a Lil Kim album two years later.

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Blogger SuperloVer Shania D said...

I love total!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8/30/2007 11:31 p. m.  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

I love Mocha! Anyone on the Timbaland label i love...her real name is aj rivers and she makes hip-hop novels now...she hasn't made any songs in a long time. she looks like she could be related to tweet..actually i have always thought that tweet, missy, and her all look related. even though i know they aren't. thank for this you rule!

9/12/2007 1:16 a. m.  
Blogger [_AnthonNY.C_] said...

omg...never heard these either. thanks for posting this. i came across all of the beat club stuff on wikipedia and immediately did an extensive google search. got any more?

9/25/2007 11:22 a. m.  
Anonymous Timmy4 said...

I'm feelin' talkin crazy.

Could you post the remaining 3 songs produced by Timbaland that are on the album according to Wikipedia?

Mocha - Bella Mafia Unreleased
00. Mardi Gras (feat. Missy Elliott and Lil' Mo)
00. Talkin' Crazy (feat. Timbaland)
00. Runnin' Shit (feat. Timbaland)
00. Mocha Kiss
00. Thug Girl
00. Women Wit

3/05/2009 5:48 p. m.  
Anonymous MissyElliott's#1Fan said...

I am so happy to have mocha's other two tracks "I know whutcha like" and "streetz". Such a shame the album was never finished. be sure to send mocha some love on her myspace. She has 4 new tracks from her 2007 unreleased album, "one day at a time".

1/02/2010 10:00 p. m.  
Blogger Unknown said...

I liked mocha..alot.
Shout outs to the old hood around boys & girls high, close to kibwe & Lowey you herd!

12/09/2018 8:39 p. m.  
Blogger Unknown said...

Qaddafi...def definit sending shout outs to mocha!

12/09/2018 8:42 p. m.  
Blogger Unknown said...

12/09/2018 8:43 p. m.  

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