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martes, julio 31, 2007

animal keyboard: duck mode

ANIMAL KEYBOARD, born Martin Wiklund, is my jam.

The moment I heard "Animals Run Free" I was immediately in love. My eyes moved a little to the left on his myspace to notice that he's, of course, from Sweden. This did not surprise me considering most of the music I love comes from Sweden.

From what I can tell, Wiklund's keyboard has eight different animal modes-- cat, dog, cow, sheep, frog, bee, duck (quack), and bird. Duck mode is heavily utilized in "Animals Run Free". Any dance song could be better with quacks in my opinion. I especially love the breakdown at approximately 2:41. Yes, this may be too cute for your ears. You've been warned.

d/l: ANIMAL KEYBOARD- Animals Run Free (YSI)
d/l: ANIMAL KEYBOARD- On the Run from Nora (YSI)
(instrumental keyboard dance hits)
- space it -

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