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martes, julio 17, 2007

johnboy: nicole scherzinger remix.

JOHNBOY has been on my radar for a while now, though I admittedly hadn't been impressed by anything he put out until now.

The original version of Nicole Scherzinger's "Whatever You Like" f/ T.I., produced by Polow Da Don, is really grating*. Kelis was able to ride over a similar Polow beat on her song "Blindfold Me", but Nicole does not possess the edginess, swagger, or attitude to work a song like this. In her case, the beat just emphasizes how ridiculously bad her lyrics are.

Given that The Pussycat Dolls album was practically Nicole's solo album given the sheer lack of lead-vocals from other members, I was surprised at how much I hated Nicole's solo material so far. Then, as if scolding me for jumping to conclusions...Johnboy hopped in with his remix. It wasn't the lyrics or flow of "Whatever You Like" that I hated, it was the beat. This remix takes those same stupid lyrics and makes them bearable. They're still stupid, but this time they're catchy.

The chorus of "I do whatever you like" becomes appropriately robotic. Nicole is programmed to fit into our mold of pop diva. She's been waiting for this moment since before her days in Eden's Crush, and now that she's here...she's going to do whatever you like. Not what she wants to do. Whatever you like.

At first I misheard Nicole's chorus as "I do what I think you like". In that case, I didn't like what she thought I'd like until Johnboy remixed it. Reboot Nicole, and please try again.

d/l: NICOLE SCHERZINGER f/ T.I.- Whatever You Like (Johnboy remix) (YSI)
(remix of new pop tune)
- space it / space it - wik it - hype it -

Admittedly the Polow Da Don original grew on me while writing this post.

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