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jueves, junio 14, 2007

rondo brothers: crazed.

THE RONDO BROTHERS are Diamond Jim and the Bastard Prince. They aren't actually brothers.

I've been particularly drawn to the Collette remix of their song "Crazed", featuring vocals by 20 Minute Loop lead-singer Kelly Atkins. This version of the song takes a completely different direction than the original, in which Atkins sings over a tortured trip-hop instrumental. Instead, we get a happy-go-lucky tune with semi-fucked up lyrics. Essentially, it's like listening to Lily Allen but less annoying.

The Rondo Brothers are already established as producers, and it's likely that you've heard their work in commercials and didn't notice it. They've also worked with MC Lars, Handsome Boy Modeling School, and toured with The Cure, The Rapture, and Interpol. Apparently, they also do mash-ups and remixes, such as the addictive "Princess Maniac". Who knew that 50 Cent and Michael Sembello would make beautiful music together? I didn't.

d/l: THE RONDO BROTHERS- Crazed (Collette remix) (YSI)
d/l: THE RONDO BROTHERS- Princess Maniac (YSI)
(two very different version of pop song & mash-up)
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WEBBYVANDERQUACKIN': Join Jackson Mehoff in the virtual opposite of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy--- Nailing It Straight. Fergie gets called a methface and Ciara and GotdioN get some love over at Club Contact.

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