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lunes, junio 11, 2007

herman jolly: candy stairs.

HERMAN JOLLY is part of the collective known as The Bedroom Trio, along with Diamond Jim and Trevor Childs.

Together, The Bedroom Trio is a group of solo indie-rock artists who have decided to create their own musical designation-- "bedroom music". As deceptive as this name may be, bedroom music is not necessarily sexy. (I suppose it's not necessarily unsexy either.) Bedroom music is the sound of artists crafting and recording music within their homes, "more confessional, more genuine and generally more creatively adorned and arranged than typical 'lo-fi' or whatever categories are employed to ghettoize indie solo artists". The designation isn't necessary something that I would call a "genre", as each artist's sound is entirely unique in comparison. Essentially, each artist is dedicated to creating quality music without the help of a big ol' studio. I'm not sure if I buy into this whole separate category, but I certainly don't mind if they create good music.

Herman Jolly's Bunker Life is one of three albums released this month under the Bedroom Trio banner. The first single "Candy Stairs" is accompanied by a video featuring Jolly lip-synching down a street with a guitar. It certainly has a bit of a Pixies vibe to it, but in a way that doesn't seem like it's trying too hard to have a Pixies vibe to it. You might like it. You might even like it enough to buy his album for $2.07 on Amie Street. Maybe.

d/l: HERMAN JOLLY- Candy Stairs (YSI)
d/l: HERMAN JOLLY- Key On A Kite (YSI)
(bedroom indie-pop)
- buy it - space it - amie it - hype it -

Check out M.I.A.'s new video "Boyz" at the new Oh No! Oh My! has a "new" song (as in an old song appearing on a new EP) available for your ears on their space.

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