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lunes, junio 11, 2007

the umbrella sequence: urban lull (at once charmed).

THE UMBRELLA SEQUENCE seemed to be really pissed off about being compared to Radiohead, so let me start this off by saying that "At The Great Lake" doesn't sound like anything Thom Yorke ever touched.

Now that we've cleared that up, I have a bit to say about the first single off the band's latest album Events
, "Urban Lull (At Once Charmed)". As soon as the intro chimed in for this tune, I was instantly attracted to their sound. I am intrigued by the band's ability to take all the beeps and blips, guitar lines, drum beats, "twinkling keyboards", and melodic vocals and develop them into something entirely cohesive and catchy as a whole. It maintains an element of chaos without being entirely jarring.

Events was released exactly a month ago on Princess Records. Though I have yet to hear the entire album, it seems to be all over the place in the good sort of way, drawing on the best aspects of the band's influences (Muse, Daft Punk, The Unicorns, Super Furry
Animals, and The Flaming Lips). Apparently, their live show is the shit, as they've shared the stage with some bands you may have heard of (Tapes N Tapes, Dressy Bessy, Starlight Mints, Cloud Cult, Of Montreal, and others).

Oh! I almost forgot to mention that there is a video for "Urban Lull". It involves drinking beer, cardboard space helmets, confetti, and everything else that you need more of in your life.

d/l: THE UMBRELLA SEQUENCE- Urban Lull (At Once Charmed) (YSI)
(electro indie-pop)
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WEBBYVANDERQUACKIN' (Jadakiss Edition): Sure, she's in jail...but why is every story about Paris Hilton on tmz? Why aren't we talking about the iPhone ads? Why is Hilary Duff suddenly hot and making out in elevators and bellydancing? Why is the MOVES!!! remix of Ciara's "Promise" the only remix of that song that I ever liked? Why haven't you downloaded it off of Palms Out Sounds? "Question: Tell me what you think about me." <-- Why isn't that a question? I've been wondering about that a lot lately. Beyonce has deceived us.

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