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domingo, junio 24, 2007

girlz on bikes: workin' out.

GIRLZ ON BIKES are a female electro hip-hop duo from Philly. Their influences on the space include androgyny, massive bike rides, neon colors, dancing, spandex leotards, partying, and new haircuts.

Upon first listen, comparisons could be immediately made to New York-based group Avenue D. However, Girlz on Bikes' lyrics are less vulgar, political, or in-your-face. It seems a little silly to say, but they appear to take their ass-shaking a little less seriously. While the other two girls are concerned about asking why people call the
m sluts, Girlz on Bikes asks one question-- "Is this leotard too tight?" The answer is coupled with a sucking of the teeth, as if it's all too obvious-- "No. But this track is." And it's the truth. While "Workin' Out" may only clock in at a little less than two minutes, it is sure to be the number one anti-obesity party jam of this summer. Don't dismiss it on the first listen. By the fifth or sixth time, you'll want to throw on a spandex jumpsuit and gyrate all over your room. Not that I did that or anything.

d/l: GIRLZ ON BIKES- Workin' Out (YSI)
d/l: GIRLZ ON BIKES- Looks (YSI)
(indie-electro hip-hop)
- space it -

WEBBYVANDERQUACKIN': If you haven't yet downloaded the Flossy Bounce EP by Leif over at Chazology, it. Explain to me why I am obsessed with this song and video. It's totally romantic in a 14 year old kind of way. Plus, Ciara's the shit...and if you hate, I will 1 2 step all over your face.

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