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viernes, junio 15, 2007

unicornicopia: one woman emotional sound sculpture.

UNICORNICOPIA has accordions, a Barbie Ferrari double cassette karaoke machine, a mbira from the Shona tribe of Zimbabwe, and a lot of other instruments and things that make sounds. She makes music with these things.

Born Natalie Weiss, she has been performing as Unicornicopia since 2001. The project has taken many forms-- a rock band, a musical with puppets, and now "a one woman emotional sound sculpture". I know, I know...a one woman WHAT? Don't fear listener. All you need to know at the moment is that she is a pretty girl with a pretty voice, and she makes pretty extraordinary experimental pop music. You can figure out the rest later. Her vocals are very reminiscent of someone I can't really think of. Essentially, if you like the voices of Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs of The Finches or Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley, then you will probably like Natalie Weiss when she sings. You will especially like her if you always wished those other two bitches* had accordions.

Currently, she is recording a new album produced by Joe McGinty, a former member of The Psychedelic Furs who has also worked with Nada Surf, Amy Rigby, and Ronnie Spector. She promises that it will be "uplifting". If you like this uplifting music and happen to be in the Brooklyn area, be sure to check her out on June 24th (Luna Lounge, 8PM). I would if I could. But I can't.

d/l: UNICORNICOPIA- Grace. You're a Dear. (YSI)
d/l: UNICORNICOPIA- Crash My Bike (YSI)
(experimental pop with a pretty voice)
- space it -

* Okay, so they're not bitches. They're just girls! But sometimes I like to call people bitches. Sorry.

WEBBYVANDERQUACKIN': Unicornicopia also worked with Travis Stewart of Machinedrum, who just so happens to be streaming "OOHEE", a Yo Majesty track that a lot of the internet might not have heard yet. Hear it on his space. Justice's "D.A.N.C.E." is the single of the week on iTunes, and it seems that the general iTunes community doesn't like it much, eh?

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