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sábado, julio 07, 2007

gotdion: lip gloss remix.

GOTDION is back again with a remix of Lil Mama's "Lip Gloss", presumably off of his upcoming mixtape WTFD Vol. 2.

I'll make it known that this isn't my favorite remix by him, but that's probably because I'm a bit too obsessed with Leif's "Glossy Pop" (download at Chazology), Mashed Potatoes blend with The Knife, and a few others that are floating around. Beyond that, I'm just getting a little tired of "Lip Gloss". Don't get me wrong. It's great...but well, I just want to hear Lil Mama on a song that's a "lil" new. Sure, a few other songs leaked...including the rumored second single "Make It Hot", but if Lil Mama wants to be known as more than just "The 'Lip Gloss' Girl" she needs to step her game up, do something notable, and stop talking about make-up on her damn myspace. Hopefully her work with producer Swizz Beatz (Busta Rhymes "Touch It", Eve "Tambourine", Beyonce "Upgrade U") will be as exciting as "Lip Gloss" was when I first heard it. Right now, I can't say I've been impressed by the leaked stuff. I know, I know. I'm being way harsh on this 17 year old girl, but the reality of the situation is that she needs a bangalicious follow-up if she doesn't want to fall into the realm of one-hit-wonder.

Going back to the point of this post, GotdioN's mix gives the appropriate edge to Mama's aggressive "What you know 'bout me", however it may be a bit too aggressive for a song about beauty products. Take a listen and decide for yourself.

d/l: LIL MAMA- Lip Gloss (GotdioN remix) (YSI)
(aggressive pop-rap remix)
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