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jueves, junio 28, 2007

pop the fish: sue ellen.

POP THE FISH stormed into my life with a green plastic gun. He was singing, and I had no idea what he was saying.

I had been reading Bigstereo when I decided to check out the other 5000 finalists in the Diesel:U:Music competition. On the first page I open, this guy is staring at me. Okay, so he's not staring at me...he's standing on a beach looking away from me. However, I get the feeling that any minute now he'll take a sharp turn and shoot me with his plastic gun. I am not concerned. 'Tis only a water gun, right? WRONG. This dude was holding a fully-loaded booty gun. One shot, and I couldn't control my ass. It was shaking. In French.

For those who can't handle my crazed fictional internet fantasies, let me just give you the facts. Pop the Fish is an electroclash artist from Normandy. I like the way he says "Sue Ellen". That's all you really need to know. OK?

d/l: POP THE FISH- Sue Ellen (YSI)
d/l: POP THE FISH- Houdini (YSI)
(French electro-pop)
- space it -

WEBBYVANDERQUACKIN': I have fallen in love with Jody Rosen because of this podcast about R. Kelly and his sexosaurus tendencies. Hear it on Slate. How about that Miami Horror remix of Codebreaker? Thank you Bigstereo.

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