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lunes, agosto 13, 2007

minitel rose: remixes.

MINITEL ROSE are an electro-pop dance trio from France. They are on VALERIE Records. If you haven't heard of this label, it's okay. I hadn't either until a week or two ago after someone recommended Sexy Sushi to me.

If things go the direction I suspect and hope for, you'll be hearing a lot more from Minitel Rose and their label-mates. Just last Thursday, Discodust had a post up about fellow VALERIE-folk COLLEGE and ANORAAK. It was at this point that I realized I needed to get my ass out of my blog-depression and do a post about some remixes that Minitel Rose did.

Yes, Minitel Rose have their own very awesome tunes...but I'm not in enough of a go-getter mood to ask them for mp3s. Also, these remixes are SO good. Check it.

dl: PINK FLOYD - Another Brick in the Wall (MINITEL ROSE remix) (YSI)
dl: CASSIUS- Toop Toop (MINITEL ROSE remix) (YSI)
dl: THE KINKS- Sunny Afternoon (MINITEL ROSE remix) (YSI)
(electro remixes of various tunes)
- space it - space it -

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