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viernes, agosto 10, 2007

the special pillow: sleeping beauty.

THE SPECIAL PILLOW's Sleeping Beauty first caught my attention due to the fact that it has a song called "I Love Your Smile", which reminded me of the Shanice* song of the same name (see video).

Because of this song-title, I listened to the album. Unfortunately, The Special Pillow's "I Love Your Smile" didn't make me immediately want to "put that new black mini on my charge anyway". In fact, the album just sort of became background music for me as I sat around my room doing some sketches. Then my sister stole my boombox so she could play a Wonderpets CD for my nephew. Sleeping Beauty fell off my end table, and I never listened to it again.

Until, Not expecting an homage to a '90s R&B star, I was a little less disappointed. In fact, I kind of liked it. Clearly my desire to prioritize Shanice over independent rock bands shows how much I truly love music. Hopefully The Special Pillow can forgive me for that.

Not to keep harping on it, but both Shanice and The Special Pillow's "I Love Your Smile" songs aren't as different as I initially thought.
This is sewious. Both are insanely catchy, and the "doo doo doo"s of Shanice are nearly equivalent to the "na na na"s of The Sleeping Pillow. OK, it may be a stretch to say that they're alike in any way. It may also be a stretch to say that I like the latter song more than Shanice. But, well...I like it.

It's the summer jam that I discovered way too late into the summer. Catchy with a bit of a twang, perfect for sipping lemonade on porches.

d/l: THE SPECIAL PILLOW- I Love Your Smile (YSI)
(sweet, sour, psychedelic sounds)
- buy it - site it - space it - hype it -

* Apparently, Shanice is back. Also, I think the boombox in the background of this video is the boombox that my sister stole from me. Also also...Shanice is with Flex Alexander? How did I miss that? I watch One On One, like, all the time. Also also also.

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