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jueves, agosto 09, 2007

gidgetsparks: rubberband handz.

GIDGETSPARKS will be performing at the CA$$ETTE NYC party (Thursday, August 23rd). I think she is awesome. Not only does she make beautiful art, but she also makes amazing music about dinosaurs, lobsters, and her awesomeness (which was very convincing given that I think that she is awesome).

"Invertebrate, let's go out on a date. Sweet to meet you, but now I gots to eat you."

Am I the only person who thinks that is amazing? Because I do. Coincidentally, I've also been co-writing a song about lobsters. Strange coincidence? Maybe, but I have a feeling that people are so tired with the current state of hip-hop that they want to rap about new things-- like lobsters. And why not? Shooting bitches and dealing drugs is so 1990s.

d/l: GIDGETSPARKS- rubberband handz (YSI)
d/l: GIDGETPARKS- guffawguffaw (YSI)
(Brooklyn electro-hop)
- space it -

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