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domingo, agosto 12, 2007

le squid: i can feel this.

LE SQUID is a mysterious Swedish musician I happened to come across on someone else's space.

By "mysterious", I mean that I literally know very little about him. His name is Emil Oldberg? He uses Garageband? He likes or knows The Teenagers or Justice? Calamari may be his favorite food? The latter three questions are based purely on speculation.

Sometimes (well, usually all the time), tunes speak for themselves. You don't need to know who someone is, their story, who they roll with...because without a doubt, you are tapping your foot at your desk jamming to their tune. It's a pleasant feeling. It's
even more pleasant when you're not at work and you can let the tune propel you into a seizure-like chair-dance. These songs don't even need to have real names. In fact, they're better off without names. I can feel them, can feel them move. My body. For those who need some sort of description before you listen to something...I will say that this is like Daft Punk's second-grade little sister. Or the third cousin once-removed of Boy Crisis. I mean that as a total compliment. This is the jam.

dl: LE SQUID- lic 30 (YSI)
dl: LE SQUID- lic 20 (YSI)
(Swedish electro-dancestuff)
- space it -

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