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miércoles, agosto 15, 2007

bedtime for toys: cold fever.

BEDTIME FOR TOYS have been getting some love lately due to their upcoming performance this Saturday with Dandi Wind and Passions.

I have to thank those who have shown love for them, because without them...I wouldn't have discovered "Cold Fever". I have absolutely no idea when this song appeared on their myspace or how I missed it, but I'm glad it's finally entered my life. "Cold Fever" begins with a short intro freestyle by lead singer Marchelle Bradanini, followed by a rap by hypeman and "culture connoisseur" Toussaint Christophe. Marchelle sings a lot, Toussaint appears again, and everything is pure magic. It's not as dance-party ready as previous jams such as "Say BOOM", but it is no doubt...a jam.

I once took a class in college called "Hazardous Earth: Stuff that Will Kill You". I didn't learn much, but I did learn that if the world is ever going to's going to start on the west coast. If Bedtime for Toys are playing when the world ends from the inevitable supervolcano, I will die a happy man. You will die too, and I'm sorry for that. As Marchelle says in "Say BOOM"..."Tonight we've got to celebrate 'cause this could be the end." While we are alive, we can still listen to her voice. Isn't that what's important?

dl: BEDTIME FOR TOYS- Cold Fever (YSI)
(LA electro R&B/hip-hopesque jams)
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