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miércoles, agosto 15, 2007

gidgetsparks: top friends.

GIDGETSPARKS may have been shown some love four posts down, but I am inclined to say that she deserves a bit more.

With the help of producer machinedrum, she has joined the ranks of musicians that have made songs about the space. Before I go on about this song, may I highly recommend visiting her space and streaming it? The animated graphic in the back of her page creates an entirely hypnotic effect when paired with the song. For a few seconds, I was compelled to put this Brooklyn white-girl rapper in my top friends. Then I realized, I don't even KNOW this chick. It's creepy enough to blog about her twice within a short period of time, but I think putting her in my top friends would be even creepier. And then I thought to myself: Why am I such a tool for thinking about my top friends on the space? That is lame city. Plus, this song is half a joke, right? I can't even tell.

The lyrics of this tune aren't quite as mind-blowing as "rubberband handz" and "guffawguffaw", consisting merely of...
  • "Put me in your top friends. I'm not in your top friends. I thought that we were best friends. So put me in your top friends. Take me off your top friends. Don't want to be on your top friends. We were never best friends. So take me off your top friends."
Clearly not her best work, but they kind of shine some light onto the weirdness of the "Top Friends" feature on the space. I mean, think about it. How many tweens (and sadly adults too) have expressed these concerns? In fact, I was just on a friend's page and saw word for word a comment that read: "WHY AM I NOT IN YOUR TOP 8???" Seriously. Are you kidding me? Is that really such an important part of your life? Yes. Apparently it is for them.

In any case, the lack of words in this jam showcase machinedrum's awesomeness. I am hoping that I will be in attendance at the August 23rd show so I can be too scared to say hello to either of these people.

I am awkward.

dl: GIDGETSPARKS - rubberband handz (YSI)
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