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domingo, agosto 19, 2007

pash: abcd.

PASH is a band that met in college and junk. That happens a lot, but it doesn't often result in pop songs as exciting as "ABCD".

"ABCD" is just one of eleven songs appearing on their new album The Best Gun, recorded in the studio with Jason Caddell (formerly of The Dismemberment Plan). The album is set to be released on August 28, 2007, and from what I've heard from their previous album Kingwood and what I've heard from this album so far...I am relatively sure that this is indie-pop GOLD.

Also, they were featured on Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's website this past April. In my opinion, nothing is much cooler than that.

Lead singer Meredith Munoz seems to have been branded as some sort of indie-version of Kelly Clarkson by the press. I find it funny that anyone who wants to attribute a positive poppy influence will immediately cites Ms. Clarkson. Usually, this comparison is complete bullshit. But in this's not entirely far off. In fact, at this point in Kelly's career, I imagine her hearing "ABCD" and thinking, "This is the type of song I wish I could make". Also, Meredith is totally hotter.*

dl: PASH - Kill the Rich Boys II (YSI)
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* I'd say "no disrespect to Kelly", but I hear that she doesn't read blogs.

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Blogger pash said...

thanks for the review. it means a lot to us that people care to even listen to the record! hope to meet you one day.

- erik

8/23/2007 1:44 p. m.  

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