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lunes, agosto 27, 2007

frikstailers: foonkie boogie.

FRIKSTAILERS just friended me on the space as I was about to go to bed defeated that I had no good songs to blog about.

Hailing from Argentina, Rafael Caivano (Ralf) & Lisandro Sona (Sandro Lee) are Frikstailers. They are on the label Pino Rec, which seeks "
to agglutinate, to promote and to give space of development to different emergent projects from heterogenous Latin American music electronic fusion as far as style and line, but equal as far as initiative and musical sonorous investigation." Essentially this means that their artists make incredible electro-experimental tunes. Well, it doesn't actually mean that. But it's what they do.

On their blog, Frikstailers writes about their song "Foonkie Boogie"...
"it's our hit at the moment, everybody dance with this in our parties, it's made with voices of justin, britney , madonna and lot's of other guys, each and every sound was sampled of some pop tunes we found in mainstream records."
Unlike Girl Talk's pop-music creations, this is a bit more subtle. When I say subtle, I mean that you'd have a very difficult time picking out each pop element. "Suparitmo" seems to take a similar approach to "Foonkie Boogie", but I'm only saying that because I can kind of hear Justin Timberlake in there somewhere.

The boys of Frikstailers have also completed remixes of Justice and Garbage. Admittedly, the Justice remix isn't life-changing. However, the "Stupid Girl" remix strips away the poppiness of the original, taking Shirley Manson's vocals to a much darker place. In a good way.

dl: FRIKSTAILERS - Foonkie Boogie (YSI)
dl: FRIKSTAILERS - Suparitmo (YSI)
(electro-experimental creations made with pop tunes)
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BONUS TRACK: GARBAGE - Stupid Girl (Frikstailers remix) (YSI)
BONUS TRACK: JUSTICE - D.A.N.C.E. (Frikstailers remix) (YSI)

WEBBYVANDERQUACKIN': Check out the Boody B remix of Mapei's "Belly" over at BIGSTEREO.

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Blogger FRIKSTAILERS said...

Thanks for posting us!

9/03/2007 11:31 a. m.  

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