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sábado, agosto 25, 2007

cat ciao!: cat fight.

CAT CIAO! is the best thing to come out of Evansville, Indiana since Don Mattingly or Elbert Frank Cox.

The group is composed of two female rappers, Melissa "the Murda one" and Katie "the Asian one". They are joined by a boy named Josh who does things with his hands to make music. Their goal is to "to bring a fantasy element to all your daily i-pod playlist traxx." By fantasy element, I assume they mean HOT RHYMES!

"Cat Fight" is my favorite of their tracks. It's essentially a theme song with a chant-worthy, self-promotional chorus of, "Cat Ciao! we are hot hot hot, Cat Ciao! always hits the spot." If that sounds stupid to you, rest assured that Cat Ciao! isn't good because of their lyrical content. There's just something deliciously gritty about their sound that I'm totally feeling like R. Kelly felt on some booties.

They have two other songs available for download on the space. "Roll Over Heiress" seems to be a tribute to the lifestyle of Paris Hilton and other rich bitches. "Top Secret" is about aliens! These songs are also awesome.

Josh also goes by the name Owl Meat. He makes some pretty good remixes and playdates, including one of Aesop Rock's "11:35" with The Goddamn Electric Bill.

dl: CAT CIAO! - Cat Fight (YSI)
dl: AESOP ROCK vs. GODDAMN ELECTRIC BILL - Goddamn 11:35 Bill (YSI)
(electro-hop jam and playdate)
- space it - space it -

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