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lunes, agosto 27, 2007

health + cfcf: remixes and such.

HEALTH's website name,, could indicate what you would expect from their sound...

No! They do not sound like two baby pandas sipping peacefully from their mother's teet. However, if you guessed that they're kind of noisy, you guessed correct. Originally this was a bit off-putting for me, but a friend has urged me to give them a second chance. I wasn't originally convinced until I came to the realization that at 2:04, "Crimewave" falls into the "too short to suck" category.

But holy shit. HOLY SHIT. The remix of "Triceratops" by Montreal's CFCF is the jam. In fact, CFCF in general is just the jam. While "Crimewave" is a great song, this remix is the type of song that could have me bobbing my head uncontrollably in my cubicle, afraid that my co-workers are going to see me, and consequently settling on tapping my foot. The foot tapping would gradually creep up to my entire leg, until I'm stomping. Finally, the music within me would burst through my fist as I propel upward from my office chair and start dancing on my desk.

Okay. So that obviously didn't happen, but it could. This remix would also serve as a great soundtrack for the training montage of some '80s movie...or my life. If you see me running around the streets of NYC in neon gym-shorts, you'll know what I'm listening to.

dl: HEALTH - Triceratops (CFCF remix) (YSI)
dl: HEALTH - Crimewave (YSI)
(two very different jams by the same band)
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BONUS TRACK: KANYE WEST - Golddigger (CFCF remix) (YSI)
BONUS TRACK: SPANK ROCK - Put that Pussy on Me (CFCF remix) (YSI)
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