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domingo, septiembre 16, 2007

brothers and sisters: brothers and sisters

BROTHERS AND SISTERS is such a damn charming band.

Their album came to me through my IRL inbox*. I listened to it, and I remember thinking, “Wow, this is an incredibly charming band.” Somehow, it wound up buried on my desk under a package from Black Nasty, Pink Nasty's not-so-charming brother. Months later I rediscovered it, popped it into my computer, and “New Life” sang the song in my heart.

A week or two after that, I was making a “bad day” playlist. I found myself immediately choosing “One Night” to be on this, not because it’s the type of song that conveys having a bad day…but because it’s such a simple, genuine song. It’s not over-contemplated or overproduced, and personally that’s what I need on a bad day.

Also, the video for “One Night” is TFC—Totally Fucking Charming. At two minutes and forty-eight seconds, it tells the love story of our generation. Basically, two slightly awkward people run into one another a few times and then they make out. You’re left to assume that they do a couple’s skate a few minutes later to *NSYNC’s “This I Promise You”. Or at least I did.

However, I was at that roller-rink after a rough day at work. I watch this romance happen firsthand, while sitting on the sideline drinking a few beers. After the band finishes their song, they sit down near me and start chatting. I awkwardly eavesdrop on their conversation and eventually one of them says something so funny that I start snorting. Clearly they notice this, and then they invite me over to sit with them and we share a few beers. Eventually we get drunk enough to think it’d be a good idea to hijack the jukebox and play “November Rain” by Guns N Roses five times in a row.

The fact that I can imagine this scenario says something about this band, though I’m not really sure what that something is.

(pop-country-indie lovable band)
- buy it - space it - hype it -

* Mailbox. I love getting real mail.

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