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martes, agosto 28, 2007

glass candy: they totally don't suck.

GLASS CANDY is a band that I confused for another band with "Glass" in their name. As a result, I haven't picked up on their awesomeness until now. In the past year, they've received a bit of hype, but I've completely ignored it because I thought they were a band that sucked. Completely ignored it! Until now.

Glass Candy definitely does not suck. I continued to think that they did until earlier this month when a friend told me that he was going to the Glass Candy show at Studio B. Well, I still thought they sucked when my friend told me that. It wasn't until another friend mentioned them a week or so later that I actually took a moment to google their shit and listen to it. If I haven't said this before, it doesn't suck.

The "Geto Boys" demo is an obvious favorite of mine, due solely to the familiarity of "My Mind Playing Tricks On Me", which is actually more familiar to me because Destiny's Child nabbed this melody for the chorus of "Illusion" off of their debut album which was the only time they ever let LaTavia Roberson have a solo which was actually a rap. Is it sad that I just admitted that? Is it even sadder that I needed to admit it with a run-on sentence? Forgive me grammar-lords. But don't forgive me lords of coolness. I am not ashamed to admit that Destiny's Child is the shit.

Wait. This post was about Glass Candy. I also like their cover of Kraftwerk. (Does that make me cool?)

dl: GLASS CANDY - Computer Love (Kraftwerk cover) (YSI)
(wonderful electro songs to sip lemonade to)
- space it - fan it - hype it -

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