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lunes, septiembre 03, 2007

anoraak: the wizzard.

ANORAAK's "the wizzard" makes me want to do interpretative dances in my cubicle.

There's something so appealing about this song that I can't quite put my finger (or even my pinky toe) on. It's a chameleon song. No matter what mood I'm in, the song adjusts to it. It fits in a playlist flawlessly, whether next to Architecture in Helsinki or T-Pain.

Most importantly, it's a very calm song. There are times when I get to work after napping on the subway and think, "Holy shit. This Go! Team song is making me anxious as shit. I can't handle that biznass."* I don't have that problem with "the wizzard". It drags me out of sleep with its swirling, hypnotic electronic instrumentals and smooth, almost slurred vocals. It's wake-up side-effect rivals that of coffee, except this song is totally not a diuretic. At least I don't think it is...

At the same time, this song could be my lullaby, singing me to sleep in my tiny French electronica cradle. Awww.

dl: ANORAAK - the wizzard (YSI)
(French electro-tune)
- space it - hype it -

* I actually think like this. Including the word "biznass".

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Blogger blogapotamus said...

im glad someone else feels the way i do about this song

8/29/2008 2:33 p. m.  
Anonymous Buy Viagra said...

You are not alone out there, I also love this song, and so is my girlfriend, she actually introduced me to the song.

6/09/2011 11:31 a. m.  

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