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jueves, septiembre 20, 2007

fantasia: broke.

FANTASIA's lack of popularity among hipsters baffles me.

Did I just say that? Yes. I did. Am I suggesting that hipsters should embrace a winner of American Idol, a show which by nature turns out cookie-cutter pop stars? Yes, I mean, they were all over Kelly Clarkson's vagina when she released "Since U Been Gone". So what's wrong with Fantasia? Is it because she's black? Do hipsters hate black people?

No.* I've been to many a basement party in which skinny white kids pump their fists and flail their bodies around to Amerie's "One Thing", Beyonce's "Crazy in Love", and Kanye West's "Gold Digger". I think this is evidence that hipsters totally love black people. But why not Fantasia? Is it because she was illiterate? What if you found out that Amerie was illiterate? Would you take her off your pod? Also, what does reading have to do with singing? What's love got to do with it? These are the questions that have been plaguing me through many a sleepless night.

When I ask these questions, I'm completely dismissing Fantasia's 2004 album Free Yourself as a point of attraction for hipsters. There's an ounce of hope that some could appreciate "Baby Mama" for ironic purposes, but this album includes a bit too many sentimental ballads and the upbeat numbers rate zero for hipster-appeal.

But seriously. How have all the people who posted Amerie's "Gotta Work" or "Take Control" completely ignored the fist-pumping, critically-adored, soulful tunes "Uneligible" and "Bore Me (Yawn)"? I suppose most of them ignored the leak of Fantasia, expecting that it wouldn't suit their palates. They were wrong...well, at least about these two songs. I
f any of you are reading this, get to the nearest iTunes store and download those jams. Even if you don't like them, can you at least admit that they make you respect Fantasia a bit more?

I guess this entire entry stemmed from my love for an unreleased Fantasia song by the name of "Broke". I was listening to it at work one day, noting the similarities to "Gotta Work". Inspirational message? Check. Driving soul vibe? Check. Powerful vocals? Check. Plus, she sounds so cute when she's like, "My headphones ain't workin'!"

Hipsters may not hate black people, but they certainly don't care about them. Otherwise, they'd give Fantasia a second listen and realize what they're missing out on.

dl: FANTASIA - Broke (YSI)
(R&B soul jam)
- buy it - site it - space it - wik it - hype it -

* Well, at least not all of them. I bet you are a hipster. You hate black people, don't you?

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Anonymous Anónimo said...

Its not really about Fantasia. Its about the way she sings. That strong soulful, gospel voice has never been embraced by "hipsters" Listen to the voices of people like Amerie, Ciara, and Rihanna, then listen to Fantasia's voice. There is a marked difference.

It's just history repeating itself. We have to remember, when legendary women with soulful/gospel voices like Aretha Franklin and Patti Labelle came into the music industry, hipster of the past didn't like their voices and said they couldn't sing

9/20/2007 11:27 p. m.  
Blogger JJS III said...

Thank you anonimo. That's a pretty good explanation. I was kind of hoping that someone would respond to this, and you have satisfied my hopes.

9/21/2007 12:44 a. m.  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

I've been wondering this too, but with respect to Martina Topley-Bird, whom you think would have built-in hipster cred.

I'll take "distinctive and powerful" over "pretty" any day. That's one of many reasons I'd much rather listen to Scout Niblett or Joanna Newsom than Feist.

9/21/2007 2:26 a. m.  
Blogger Dan said...

She has such an annoying voice, that's my reason for not liking her.

9/26/2007 3:30 a. m.  

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