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martes, septiembre 18, 2007

j*davey: land of the lost.

J*DAVEY takes the straight-forward sexiness of Mya's vocals and combines it with the chillness of Glass Candy.

Okay, I realize that was an obnoxious and likely inaccurate culture-drop, but this was honestly my first impression when I heard their song "Slooow". And upon listening to the entirety of their new mixtape*, Land of the Lost EPisode, I could probably list 12 other artists that I was reminded of while listening to J*Davey.

And I don't mean that in a bad way at all. I'm not even sure if I mean it in a good way. I pretty much just mean it. Within "Mr. Mister" I was reminded of Prince and Kelly Clarkson, while the oddness, swagger, and randomness of the video reminded me of Kelis. "Lil Big Heads" recalled the attitude of Jill Scott. It's a sort of familiarity, not as if it's unoriginal.

I have to thank THE FADER for introducing me to J*Davey. The mixtape is currently available for download off of their space and I have a few hard copies myself. Download it!

dl: J*DAVEY - Slooow (YSI)
dl: J*DAVEY - Mr. Mister (YSI)
(LA electro-R&B stuff)
- space it -

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