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miércoles, septiembre 19, 2007

the morning benders: ronettes cover.

THE MORNING BENDERS are apparently a big deal?

I've been so wrapped up in pop and hip-hop lately that I've forgotten about those groups of people with instruments who sing sometimes-- bands. The Morning Benders are a band. And they have been getting serious blog love since over a year ago.

But it's never too late to show some love. I just got their cover of The Ronettes' "Why Don't They Let Us Fall In Love?" in my inbox, and while I can't say it converted me to a groupie of The Morning Benders had me craving more. What impresses me most about their sound is that they manage to channel the feeling of 1960s pop music without trying too hard. As I go from listening to their cover to "Grain of Salt", I imagine Ronnie Spector taking a turn at covering them.

dl: THE MORNING BENDERS - Grain of Salt (YSI)
dl: THE MORNING BENDERS - Why Don't They Let Us Fall In Love? (Ronettes cover) (YSI)
(indie-pop tunes)
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