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jueves, noviembre 29, 2007

tyskerhar: interplanetarian tai chi.

d/l: TYSKERHAR - Interplanetarian Tai Chi (YSI)
The facts are these: Tyskerhar is an electro duo from Berlin, a cute Asian chick and a dude with a laptop. I found them while browsing, even though they were featured three times on BIGSTEREO since March. However, I was lucky to miss them because otherwise my ears might not have collided with "Interplanetarian Tai Chi". This tune is a tad bit mellower and weirder than those that were posted by Travis, and no's my favorite.

But there's nothing wrong with the dirtier dance-rap tunes the group pops out. A prime example of this is "C Pop", which I was going to say reminds me of Uffie's "Pop the Glock", but I realized that there was one big difference-- I actually like this song. I suppose I shouldn't mention how it reminds me of this song too? No, I shouldn't. But I did.

I'm a little baffled about why these kids aren't a bigger deal. Tyskerhar writes on their space, "$$$ If you own a label you should sign us and make us all billionaires. $$$" Can someone please take that advice? Now? I need Tyskerhar performing in a venue near me. NOW!
bonus track: TYSKERHAR - C Pop (YSI)
bonus track: TYSKERHAR - C Pop (Maurice remix) (YSI)

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